heyy everyone! TTC && need some advice please!?

heyy everyone! TTC && need some advice please!? Topic: heyy everyone! TTC && need some advice please!?
December 15, 2019 / By Sandra
Question: So ive been off bc since april when i got married, and me && my hubby have been ttc. i have really really irregular periods, sometimes my cycles last up to 36 37 days. and cramps are so painful i can barely get out of bed =/ i bought fertile blend because ive heard its supposed regulate your cycle. my dr has not done anything for me and ive been a few times for it. please advice if you have any would be greatly appreciated!! thank you for reading (:
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Best Answers: heyy everyone! TTC && need some advice please!?

Noelle Noelle | 3 days ago
You could try evening primrose oil supplements as these are supposed to help regulate you periods, however it is only recommended that you take this up to ovulation when you are trying to conceive. I have also read that fertilaid (herbal variety of clomid) are supposed to be very good also. Because your periods are very irregular and very painful then i would suggest that if your doctor won't help you then change your doctor because to me there sounds like there could be a fertility issue. Good luck and baby dust!
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Noelle Originally Answered: Advice for a cat with arthritis.?
There is Cosequin which is an over the counter Glucosamine and Chodroitin supplement that should help with his arthritis. They come in capsules that you break open and sprinkle over your cat's food. Apparently they're tuna flavored. I've not used them for any of my cats, but we recommend them at the clinic that I work at. You could try prednisone to help with the inflammation caused by the arthritis, but long-term steroid use can cause some issues, and depending on her history, it might not be an option for her. At the clinic that I work at we had a cat suffering from a cancerous oral mass that was given a twice daily dose of Buprenex, but this cat was near the end of his life, and I'm not sure of the effects of longterm chronic Buprenex usage. It might be something to ask your doctor about. There is also Metacam which is more commonly used in dogs for arthritis. It is both an anti-inflammatory and pain medication. There is the possibility of serious side effects in cats with Metacam use ( the same with any NSAID), but MANY cat owners swear by it. It is definitely worth looking into, and asking your vet about

Lysandra Lysandra
I have pretty normal periods but in the past I had cramps so bad I would almost literally pass out. It was horrible. I started taking a supplement called 'total female" by nutriwest and it has really helped regulate my hormones. It took about 3 months to do it though. I also have been going to a chiropractor which can also help regulate everything and with the cramps. I would really consider it.
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Keisha Keisha
Okay so I'm not a doctor but my periods were regular but changed the next year to irregular so I was told to eat healthier no drinking no smoking because those can effect your cycles...they also have multi-vitamins that's have menstrual herbs in them suppose to help give you the nutrients you miss from eating healthy...also stress is a big factor because That too can cause irregular periods so take time out for yourself...to relax laugh watch a movie ect...physical sports could also effect your cycle so maybe if you do that just take it easy...good luck..
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Indigo Indigo
My sister-in-law tried for 3 years to get pregnant. She didn't believe in taking any kind of drugs. She did a lot of research and came across a way to get pregnant with holistic and Chinese medicine. http://tinyurl.com/2dcspfg She was a skeptic, but was willing to try anything. Amazingly, she was pregnant within 2 months! Based on her experience, I would highly recommend trying it. Because there are no drugs involved, what have you got to lose? My wonderful little niece is living proof that this works!
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Indigo Originally Answered: Advice for a cold? Please help?
Studies have found that there is no vitamin, nor other remedy, which will reduce the length of time of a cold. However, nobody wants to believe this. So, the answer is: The cold is a virus, and your body's immune system can only kill it at it's peak rate of performance (and not a second sooner), or you can stay sicker longer by reducing your resistance to the cold by adding stress, like swimming or exercising. ... in the end - it has to run it's course, and you should take your vitamins (they don't hurt), chicken soup, and don't add extra stress on your body.

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