orphaned kitten constipated?

orphaned kitten constipated? Topic: orphaned kitten constipated?
November 22, 2019 / By Piper
Question: I found this kitten i think to be about 5 months old living on the side of busy highway, she is literally just skin and bones, ive had her for about 3 days now and she has only pooped once, which was this morning (it was diarreah) she eats really good ive been giving Her wet and dry cat food, water nd infant human formula "Similac sensitive 'for fussiness and gas due to lactose sensitivity' " i was just wondering what i can do to help make her poop, i even tried stimulating her with A warm wet wash cloth but didnt work either. is there any home remeides i can do to Help her? If not, anything i can buy at the store? I can tell she has to poop because her butt hole is pooging out. But thank you all o Much for answering.(:
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Mahlah Mahlah | 10 days ago
First of all, stop giving her human baby formula. She is 5 months old and needs kitten food. No milk. Most cats/kittens are lactose intolerant and will get diarrhea from the formuls. Give her kitten food. Plain and simple kitten food. Canned kitten food with a little added water will solve your problem. 5 month old kittens do not need milk, kitten or otherwise.
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Mahlah Originally Answered: How can I help my constipated kitten?
a little canned pumpkin would help. Try to get the organic kind. It is good for them and won't hurt them and will help them with digestion issues both constipation and diarrhea. I would also check w/the vet, but it is the weekend, so get the canned pumpkin, about a half a teaspoon would be good. If they like it you can give some more. By the way, you can eat the rest, it is good for you too. You can usually get it in Whole Foods for organic. It isn't sold in a pet store, just a regular old grocery store.

Jehu Jehu
Simple food such as plain cooked chicken with plain boiled rice. Keep portions small but regular at set times during the day. Do not swap & change your brands...stick to one or possibly two. Wet food ideal due to higher water content. Also, you must register this cat at your local vets asap. There's essential immunisations they require at this young age. Keep fresh water available at all times & use a substitute kitten milk/formula but never cows milk. Seek a vets advice asap..adjustment periods in a new environment can cause this too but you must visit a professional..best of luck x
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Geffrey Geffrey
Cats can't drink normal milk they need special kitten milk. And they don't even need it for that long they can be weened by 8 WEEKS old. It should be eating wet and dry food made for kittens . The mom licks them to get them to poo when their babies but by around 4-5 weeks they should be going on their own.
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Dicky Dicky
Just the change in the food can give your baby diarrhea, so go easy. This is where you have to be careful. Cause once they have been starved they will have a tendency to eat everything in sight. Afraid there won't be anymore. It's okay to feed several times as to let them eat too much and really make him sick.
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Dicky Originally Answered: What can I do to help my constipated newborn kitten?
You can try diluting the formula with slightly more water, & you can put a couple drops of vegetable oil in his bottle or give him a little lactulose about the size of a match head. . Then keep trying to stimulate him, massaging his abdomen and anal area. Tty using a damp terrycloth washcloth (similar to mother cat's rough tongue) - but don't rub too hard. If he goes another day having hardly any BM, or just liquid, you need to get him back to the vet. Constipation is a pretty common problem in hand raised kittens and it's important not to let it go too long. It is possible he has some hard poop in there and only liquid can get around it. The vet might have to give him an enema. That is not something you should try at home on kitten this young. (It's not easy even in a bigger cat and you could hurt them -- and never give any cat an enema for humans like Fleet enemas because the amount of phosphorus will poison them). Thank you for rescuing the little fellow. He is one lucky kitten to be found by such a kind person!

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