Is there an herbal supplement I can take or tea to drink that will help me deal with my anxiety disorder?

Is there an herbal supplement I can take or tea to drink that will help me deal with my anxiety disorder? Topic: Is there an herbal supplement I can take or tea to drink that will help me deal with my anxiety disorder?
January 25, 2020 / By Pauline
Question: I struggled with anxiety disorder in high school but in the past few months it's flared up again, I actually ended up in the emergency room after an attack but since then it hasn't been that severe. I've been working on controlling it with breathing exercises and I've started practicing yoga again which has been truly helpful. Right after my ER visit my primary physician prescribed me anti-depressants to treat it but I am not looking to mask my problem and become dependent on the pills, I want to work through it and overcome it again like I have in the past. I'm looking for any suggestions of natural remedies to help ease my anxiety possibly when I'm in a place that I can't sprawl out on the floor and start my relaxation routine
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Best Answers: Is there an herbal supplement I can take or tea to drink that will help me deal with my anxiety disorder?

Marigold Marigold | 6 days ago
There are three which i find great in different situations. I take valerian root to help me sleep if i'm stressed, Avena Sativa if the stress is due to nerves coming up to exams etc. and rhodiola extract to help concentrate which reduces stress and anxiety anyway.. If you're looking for a natural alternative to help with depression then i'd recommend St Johns Wort or 5HTP. They work great, just dont take them with prescription meds. Look them up! Good luck with everything!:)
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Kourtney Kourtney
You have a lot of good suggestions. For me though I use mint. I'm a little strange though, but I found that taking a mint when I'm out helps me. I found that altoids seem to work the best, as they use the oil and not just flavor. My favorite are the altoid smalls in peppermint, they are just the right size and they are sugar free. (which makes a difference when you eat as many as I do) I also like to drink mint green tea sweetened with a little honey before I go to bed. Both act as a sedative so I don't lay there working myself into a tizzy thinking about everything. Well, hope this is helpful, and God bless.
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Jaylee Jaylee
If u want to get rid of your anxiety bring your mind away from it if Ur pissed at someone and u feel you're going to freak out don't start biting your nails or pulling your hair go hang out with a friend and fool around at the park or get a new hobby and dedicate NOT ALL but a pretty decent amount of yourself to it buy a journal and try to write a novel forget about whatever's causing u to have panic attacks or making your anxiety horrible if u don't it'll drive u insane and why go insane when you could be writing a story/novel
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Everette Everette
Quoted from acupuncture.com: * Include calcium (1,000 mg a day) and magnesium (500 mg a day) supplements to your diet. Try taking half the amount in the morning and half at night to increase better absorption of calcium. Also, take a B complex (50 to 100 mg a day, best in the morning) to decrease stress effects. * Avoid stimulating foods and drinks: caffeine, sugar, processed foods and alcohol. Avoid foods that commonly cause food sensitivities (peanuts, soy, dairy, wheat, corn, shell fish). Increase consumption of fresh vegetables and whole grains. * There are some very safe and effective Chinese herbal formulas that help decrease anxiety and help improve sleep such as Traditions of Tao - Anxiety/Sleepless Formula, a modified An Mian Wan formula * Kava kava can help for mild to moderate anxiety. * St. John's Wort helps with both depression and anxiety. * Passionflower is helpful for anxiety with insomnia. ......................................... Also there alot of good chinese herbs that can help http://www.drshen.com/herbsfordepression.htm http://goherbal.stores.yahoo.net/1863-5.html The two above formulas contain most or all of the herbal ingredients below.Theres also other formulas same or similar to these if you type in keywords chinese medicine anxiety on google. Its best to have a consultation with a chinese medicine practitioner or naturopath who could tailor a medicine specifically for you because there can be different things termed "anxiety". However not everyone can afford this so theres some ready made formulas like the above on the market some chinese herbs for anxiety are: albizzia(mimosa bark/flower) http://www.vitamintrader.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=3131&category_id=101&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=615&vmcchk=1&Itemid=615 Poria mushroom(fu shen) http://www.naturaldatabase.com/(S(zxn3er2bzg0kou45wdqjij55))/nd/Search.aspx?cs=&s=ND&pt=100&sh=10&id=246 zizyphus take care mary k
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Colette Colette
Natural help for anxiety: Calcium 2000 mg daily Magnesium 600 mg daily B-1 50mg 3 times daily B-6 50mg 3 times daily Zinc- 50 mg daily Chromium Picolinate - 200 mcg. daily And Bach's Rescue Remedy is always good to have on hand for attacks.
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