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NYC Travel Question? Topic: NYC Travel Question?
July 18, 2019 / By Nicola
Question: I need to get from Staten Island Ferry, to Union Square (Irving Place, to be exact) Then, from Union Square toe Time Square, then from Times Square, to Union Square, and Union Square to the Staten Island Ferry. Please help. :) Thank you. :D
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Lyndsey Lyndsey | 2 days ago
QUICKEST WAY WILL BE 1. Staten Island Ferry to Union Square. Walk northwest along State St (keep park to your left), and take uptown (4)/(5) from Bowling Green to Union Square. Stops at Wall St, Fulton St, Brooklyn Bridge, then 14th St. 2. Union Sq to Times Sq. Take Queens-bound (N), (Q), (R) or (W) to Times Sq-42nd St (Weekend, (N) runs local on Broadway via Manhattan Bridge. Stops at 23rd, 28th Sts (local only) 34th St, Times Square. 3. Times Sq to Union Sq Take Brooklyn-bound (N), (Q), (R) or (W) to 14th St-Union Sq. Stops at 28th, 23rd Sts (Local Only) 14th St 4. Union Sq to Staten Island Ferry Take downtown (4) or (5) to Bowling Green. When you get off at Bowling Green, walk toward direction of your train and uses Battery Park exit, and you'll be near Staten Island Ferry. Stops at Brooklyn Bridge, Fulton, Wall Sts, Bowling Green. Also make sure to check Service Advisory at MTA Website. MY BEST OPTION!!
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Kaylynn Kaylynn
Statan Island Ferry to Union Square R train from Whitehall or 4/5 from Bowling Green Union Square to Times Square R/N/Q from Union Square to Times Square. >> all these going Uptown Same trains going Downtown to go back to ferry.
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Ida Ida
EASIEST. take the R train to union square. walk two blocks to irving place. then take the R train to time square. then take the R train back to union square, then take the R train back to staten island ferry.
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Edyth Edyth
The easiest way seems to be, once you are at the Staten Island Ferry stop in Manhattan. To walk one block North on Whitehall Street (away from the water) and get on the W or R train from the Whitehall St - South Ferry subway station heading Uptown / to Forest Hills. You may as well purchase a 1-day fun pass for $7 at the subway machines (cash/credit) if you are doing all of this travel in one day. It's $2 per regular ride for your 4 trips. Pass Rector St Pass Cortlandt St Pass City Hall Pass Canal Street Pass Prince St Pass 8 Street - NYU Get off at 14 Street - Union Sq Exit near intersection of E 14th St and 4th Ave Going East on E 14th St towards Irving Pl Turn left (North) onto Irving Pl If you hit 5th Avenue, you went the wrong way on 14th St. To get to Times Square go back to the same subway station, take the N, Q, R or W Uptown to Times Square. Pass 34th St - Herald Square. Exit near intersection of W 42nd St and 7th Ave Start out going East on W 42nd St towards Broadway (or when you get out just look around. You are in Times Square!) REVERSE. Get back in the Times Square Station. Enter near West 42nd Street and Broadway. Take the N, Q, R or W Downtown (it'll probably say towards Coney Island). Pass 34th St, get off at 14 St Union Square (since you wanted to get off the train.) When you are ready get back on at the same station go on a Downtown train and take the R or W (not the N or Q!) to Whitehall Street - South Ferry Station. Exit. Walk South one block on Whitehall Street (towards the water) and you are at the Ferry.
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