Has anyone tried to lose weight with Vita-Lean weight lost capsules?

Has anyone tried to lose weight with Vita-Lean weight lost capsules? Topic: Has anyone tried to lose weight with Vita-Lean weight lost capsules?
November 14, 2019 / By Nichole
Question: Hello I have decided to try this product and would like to know if anyone has used it and lost weight as a result. Also, for those who have used Vita-Lean and achieved positive weight-loss results, was a diet, exercise-routine and lifestyle change involved? Finally, how has Vita-Lean helped with long-term weight loss? Thanks!
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Best Answers: Has anyone tried to lose weight with Vita-Lean weight lost capsules?

Lyndsay Lyndsay | 10 days ago
Eating right and exercise should ALWAYS be part of a weight loss plan...there is no pill or supplement that will cause fat loss just by taking it (if only!) and most are simply ineffective (some are actually harmful)... There are no shortcuts or quick fixes that work or will last...you've got to make that lifestyle change and stick with it...sorry...
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Lyndsay Originally Answered: How much weight can i lose in 2 months im on Phentermine,the b12 shot and vitapress capsules?
First off you'll lose a lot of weight 15-30 lbs, then you'll get a mild addiction to the drugs which you'll then want to quit. Upon quitting you'll regain all the weight you had lost and at the same time leave your body weak and scarred. If you stick to the drugs your body will be forced into a very unnatural weight loss which will severely damage your body. If you REALLY want to lose weight then you'll sit down and do some calculation on how much food you should eat over the course of 1 day. After that you schedule your food intake and plan your dinners ahead. And most importantly: Only eat when you're HUNGRY (Not just hungry, but starving, you should feel your stomach growling at you), but at the same time do NOT avoid any of the important meals of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner (Also eat your last meal 3 hours before bedtime, this is crucial!). Avoid fatty meats (Pig/cow), salty foods AND beverages, grain (It makes you hungry later in the day), don't overindulge on fruits and last but not least: no sugar. Always remove excessive fat from your food, -Example- If you're making chicken, don't let the chicken cook in it's own fat. When you've learned how to manage your food intake your stomach will adapt as well, which means you'll not be as hungry as you used to and thereby you'll make it a stroll to lose as much weight as you want. When you've lost all the excessive fat you'll find it a whole lot easier to start doing proper sports, when you've been adapted to that you can increase your food intake and at the same time have a very fun and healthy hobby at your side. If you're having a hard time doing this then you simply do not want this enough. Taking pills to fix your problems is a very narrow minded and stupid way to counter all the problems you run into during your life. (Maybe you should read up on weight management pills before eating them) You own your body, not the other way around. I hope you make the right decision. PS: If you do this from now on then you'll be able to lose 5-10lbs a month depending on how vigorously you control the fork.

Kayly Kayly
Waste of money! You need Cardio and a change of eating habits. There is no magic pill. It takes dedication and hardwork. What I am doing is the insanity workout. Unbelievable results so far. Had a baby 15 months ago was at my widths end. I seen the infomercials on tv and always wanted to order it. Never did though. I was over at my friends house and one of her friends lost like 60 pounds and told me how she did it. Needless to say I finally put my foot down after seeing how good she looked and decided time to get my butt in gear. I have never felt so good in all my life. 60 days, If you can dedicate yourself for 60 days you will see a total transformation. http://beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/getfitamerica
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Hyacinth Hyacinth
Looking at the ingredients and reading the extravagant but unsubstantiated claims I think you will be wasting your money.
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Edwyna Edwyna
if you re eating out make salad the appetizer most starters are fried and come with unhealthy dips or sauces
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Edwyna Originally Answered: I need a diet that can help me lose weight (rapidly if possifble) and build lean muscle; I exercise regularly.
The Trim Advantage system is the best plan I know of. This kit delivers, with complete support for your first 30 days on the Trim Body System Protein Plus Diet. The kit includes a binder to hold the print materials, which include the Quick Start Guide, a 12-page booklet that introduces you to the plan. It also includes Meal Plan Cards that step you through every meal for 30 days, including shopping tips, meal preparation, supplements, and recipes. Eighteen detailed, full-colour Recipe Cards show you how to fix simple, healthy meals, fast. And a week's worth of 10-minute exercises are described on the Fitness Cards, so you can take your exercise plan with you, wherever you go. In the kit is a 2-DVD set that features a physician discussing the health effects of being overweight, a fitness expert who introduces you to and coaches you through all the exercises in the 4-3-2-1 Body Training System, and an introduction to the Protein Plus Diet. The kit also includes Nutrilite and Mekiwin weight-loss support supplements and protein powder and Trim Advantage protein bars and meal replacement shake mix. The Trim Body System is designed to encourage the kinds of changes in lifestyle that may result in lifelong weight loss. Medical authorities recommend a weight loss of no more than 2-3 pounds a week to reduce the health risks associated with more rapid weight loss. *The Protein Plus Diet was developed by The Better Life InstituteTM and approved by the Nutrilite Health Institute. You can order the Trim Advantage system at www.jewel.mychoices.biz (use the search field at the bottom of the screen).

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