What is the best way to lose fat in 4 months?

What is the best way to lose fat in 4 months? Topic: What is the best way to lose fat in 4 months?
September 19, 2019 / By Bryanna
Question: I am not fat, but I am a little flabby after I had my baby. I was wondering if there was any healthy way to lose weight and fat in 4 months. I am going to florida then. Thank you. Actually, I wanted to know if it was possible too.
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Best Answers: What is the best way to lose fat in 4 months?

Allannah Allannah | 5 days ago
The best way is always the safe way. That is to eat 1500 calories or less no less than 1200. Get a moderate exercise plan in place 3-5 days a week work it and build the intensity challenge your body a little at a time. Drink plenty of water to stay full and eat fiber rich foods. A combination of cardio and weight training works best.
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Allannah Originally Answered: How much weight can I lose in 3.5 months?
At your weight of 160lbs I'd recommend you eat 1500 calories. More important than the number of calories is how you break down those calories. If you at 1300 calories from carbs and 200 from protein that would still come out to 1500 but your body would look terrible from it. But if you ate 650 from protein/650 from fats/200 from carbs than your body would look stunning and your husband will thank me for it :P The end of may is 14 weeks away. If you figure you'll lose 2lbs per week that would give you almost 30 lbs of fat loss. But that 2lbs per week is just a rule of thumb and I've seen people lose more. Maybe you're one of the special ones. Design your meals with the following foods. Protein sources: eggs, tuna, chicken, steak (once per day), salmon, talapia (or any fish), shrimp, crab, turkey, whey protein powder Fat sources: almonds, cashews, all natural peanut butter, avacado (be carefuel, they have a lot of carbs), extra virgin olive oil, fish oil capsules, evening primrose oil capsules Carb souces: only GREEN veggies (sorry!) you can re-introduce carbs after you reach your goal weight. Slowlyyyyy. I'd also recommend you start lifting weights 3x per week. This is very important during a fat loss diet too because it will ensure you KEEP your muscles. Most people lose way too much muscle during a diet and not enough fat. Lifting weights will prevent this. Don't worry, you won't gain muscle lifting weights on this diet because carbs are needed during the muscle building process. Protein and fats are like the bricks to a new house. Carbs are the workers. Without the workers the bricks will just sit there. I'd also recommend cardio 3x per week for 30 mins. Keep it low intensity. That is defined as keeping your heart rate in the 120-130 range. Stationary bike is fine. Walking on a treadmill at an incline is fine. Jogging is NOT fine. THere is much more detail I could give but I don't want to over load you so I will just keep my mouth shut for now. Good luck and send me a postcard!

Urijah Urijah
swap out brown rice or quinoa yes even the new super food which both add up to about 220 calories per cup for cauliflower or roasted peppers that are only about 30 calories per cup
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Roderic Roderic
avocados can be your secret weight loss partners theyre high in fiber and healthy fats giving you a meaty tasting meat alternative
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Mick Mick
Don t skip breakfast and choose that s high in protein for energy and full of fiber to keep you satisfied for hours
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Mick Originally Answered: I have 3 months to lose about 20lbs.possible?
yes it should work, any new diet and exercise plan causes you to lose a lot in you first week and then you should lose about 2 pound a week after that so I'm sure you could shed 20lb in 3 months easily. As youre female perhaps an iron supplement would help. Green tea 5 cups a day is supposed to help weight loss too, its quite nice and boosts your immune system too.

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