Can someone help me? Constipated for a week?

Can someone help me? Constipated for a week? Topic: Can someone help me? Constipated for a week?
July 19, 2019 / By Ozzy
Question: First things first, I am under a doctor's care, I took miralax since last Wed. I also had a good bowel movement then, and I haven't pooped since. Now it's Wed again, and I still haven't had a decent bowel movement. I called the doc and he told me to take an enema, because a suppository didn't work. I've been pooping only very small pellets, though it comes out and feels like diarrhea, it looks like it, too. Now right now I'm very uncomfortable, sometimes I'd get nauseous, but no vomiting. I tried to drink as much water as possible, but still no luck. What I'm worried about is; is it going to hurt, and that my... Err... Poops, are already soft enough, and I'm going to have diarrhea. Doc comfirmed this. Can somebody please comfort me .-. TMI, I know, but I'm really stressed. I cried nine times in three days, each lasted for like twenty minutes... Help please.
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Lewis Lewis | 8 days ago
You may need to take a laxative to soften dried bowels so you can have a bowel movement. The American College of Gastroenterology says Ducolax laxative and Ducolax Stool Softener are safe. Ducolax laxative comes in tiny, orange pills, and you should try 3 pills since you have not had a bowel movement. Most important is that you need to drink a glass of water, juice, liquid after you swallow the pills. Laxatives draw fluid throughout your body and can make you dehydrated if your daily liquid intake is low. The laxative pills will produce a partial- or full- bowel movement in 5 to 6 hours. Why not purchase 2 Fleet's mineral-oil enemas and 1 regular enema should you require help later? Kellogg's Bran Buds and Fiber One dry cereals provide 13-14 grams of fiber per bowl of the 25-30 grams of fiber recommended for daily use. Try two bowls of the cereals during the day to keep you regular.Consider using Ducolax stool softeners one or twice a day after you have a complete bowel movement. Good Luck. Harrald
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Lewis Originally Answered: constipated for over a week?
Why can't you take laxatives? There are many mild laxatives that should not bother anyone when taken.. You could use a stool softener like Colace which could help you. People with constipation problems can take it on a regular schedule just so they won't get constipated. You could also do a fleets enema and see what happens. Make sure to drink lots of water.
Lewis Originally Answered: constipated for over a week?
Eating a healthy diet with lots of fiber etc. IS important. I encourage you to make this a regular (no pun intended) part of your diet. I would caution you however (if this constipation thing is a regular problem for you) NOT to depend on and use laxatives long term to assure a bowel movement. It will work for awhile, but eventually will not. Additionally too,while using "laxatives" long term as a substitute for healthy eating, your large intestines will no longer function properly and other surgical accomodations may be necessary. It happened to my Dad., don't let it happen to you. If your present situation is just an isolated delay, it is probably no big deal . If it becomes chronic, see a Doctor. Good luck.

Japhet Japhet
I'd follow the doctor's advice and take an enema. If that doesn't give results, you may have a fecal impaction and might need to pay a vivit to the ER.
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Frazer Frazer
distilled water can make you poop. while your waiting, sing this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2mVR8aUz...
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Frazer Originally Answered: My 4 week old kitten is constipated , what do I do?
Causes of Constipation in Kitties Once kittens get constipated, it's crucial to recognise the trouble promptly and commence assisting the kitten to get unconstipated, whilst also eliminating graver causes of the irregularity. Kitten impairment can be a more common happening, particularly for cats which are or have lived in a shelter. Baby kittens’ digestive tracts are built for milk from the mother feline. Their bodies are constructed to break milk down expeditiously, and the good bacterium and nutrients contained in the mother cat’s milk would facilitate the kitten digest food plus remain unconstipated. Nevertheless, a lot of kittens are selected from their mothers too soon, are placed on regular cat food too early, or are existing under conditions where they are not able to suckle. Cow’s milk, hard, dry cat food, or getting fed table scraps too soon or in overly big amounts can cause kitten irregularity. Such foods are not easily digested, and this might put a stress on the kitten’s system, hence making constipation. Dehydration could likewise induce constipation since the digestive system is not obtaining adequate quantities of liquid to propel waste out of the body. As waste moves through the bowels, it draws water and this assists to create a bulky, moveable feces. Without enough water, bowel movements might turn hard, dry, and hard to pass. Relieving Kitten Constipation Once your kitty is constipated, there are a few home remedies for furnishing relief. For kitties not able to lap fluids (instead of nursing), utilize an eyedropper or doll bottle to feed the kitten water. Keeping the kitten hydrated can be really significant. Giving the baby cat goat’s milk can be advantageous because it’s easier to digest than cow’s milk. Conferring with a veterinarian over additional liquid-food alternatives can be crucial before feeding it to your kitten. You can likewise feed your kitten with the eyedropper or, if the kitty is capable, supplying a low-rimmed bowl the kitten may lap from may likewise do. Avoid feeding kittens hard cat food and table scraps till it is almost 3-5 months old, or older if the cat goes on to battle with digestive troubles. Lightly kneading the kitten’s abdominal surface area can help energize the intestinal muscles and nerves to progress their own, and may likewise help preclude abdominal growths or blockages as a problem. If your kitten proceeds to have digestive and constipation troubles, and doesn't display some betterment from home remedy attempts, you might want to visit a professional vet and have your kitten thoroughly tested. Kitten constipation is a dangerous matter if left untreated or if it happens

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