How can I get my face tanned like this?

How can I get my face tanned like this? Topic: How can I get my face tanned like this?
June 16, 2019 / By Brook
Question: How can I tan my face like the girl with the red hair? Please don't suggest getting out in the sun. It only causes me to have freckles and I also don't tan very well. My skin is white so yeah.. sorry for the long link lol. http://www.mgid.com/pnews/1185387/i/7707...
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Alisya Alisya | 1 day ago
Those freckles, moles or age spots will only get larger and darker. One example from YA about tanning: "i used to go tanning a ALOT, but then started to get more freckles so i stopped haha. " Sunscreen will not protect you from getting burned. Sunscreen does not protect you from getting moles or freckles, they will only get darker & bumpier or larger from each exposure from the sun. Sunscreen will not protect you from skin cancer. Sunscreen will not protect you if you have allergies, I never thought I had allergies! Sunscreens also discolor your skin - for ever! But I had Discoid Lupus caused from the sun. Google it. Took 12 years for mine to almost 'fade'. I don't want any more lupus appearing on my skin, so now I'm more & more into protecting myself. Bullous Pemphegoid is another skin disorder. Google that, too! I'm the kind of person who has families with moles as large as raisin-size. I don't want moles on my body, so I always have been concern about that. But, how I got lupus? I don't know! I got it period. The sun is more powerful than most people think. Morgan Freeman, does he look pretty with his freckles? He's older now, and those on his face, are no longer freckles. Take the Skin Picture Quiz - Identify These Common Skin Conditions on MedicineNet. HOW OLD DO YOU LOOK . . . REALLY? Blame genetics all you want, but it's really about how you've treated your skin. Dr. Michael Roizen, M.D. internist & author of the RealAge books, to quantify the effect your habits have had. The quiz is designed with a 28yrs. old in mind. Damage is cumulative, so if you're older or younger than 28, the number on the right would be slightly higher or lower. Take your age and add the number of years listed on the right for every 'yes' answer. 1. Have you had more than 10 bad sunburns in your life? + 25 years 2. Do you have red, itchy eyes from allergies: + 25 years 3. Are you a regular smoker? + 2 years 4. Do you live in a highly polluted city? + 25 years Now subtract the number of years on the right for every 'yes' answer. 1. Do you cleanse your skin every day? - 1.5 years 2. Do you get seven to nine hours of sleep each night - 1.5 years 3. Do you wear sunscreen regularly? - 1 year 4. Do you have dark brown skin tone? - 1 year 5. Do you regularly wear moisturizer? - 1 year You CAN'T TAN. Sorry, you're skin is already showing some damaged, the result of sunburned when you're younger. Tanning comes & go, unless you do them everyday 24/7 for the rest of your life. But in the end the only thing you'll benefit is either moles, freckles or discolorations from sunscreens, lotions, etc. and the more you do, the more they get larger, darker & bumpier. My nephew had a membership in a tanning bed salon for a year. After it expired, he stopped, now he's as white as before he began. Tanning, is a result for 'damaged skin' and no products can reverse you from skin cancer or damaged skin, may prevent you from pre-mature aging, but that's part of the billion dollar beauty industry. A new study conducted by the Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Dermatology has found that tanning bed exposure can be dangerous when tanners self-diagnose skin problems and use the radiation to treat skin eruptions. The study specifically found that a tanning bed user that used the radiation to treat a mild skin rash caused by an ibuprofen allergy developed a much more severe reaction called toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN). When left untreated, TEN can be fatal. March 5, 2011 2:28 PM: Melanoma is the leading cause of death from skin disease. An estimated 68,130 new cases of melanoma were diagnosed in the United States during 2010 and about 8,700 people died from the disease, according to the National Cancer Institute. Two million people are diagnosed with skin cancer in the US each year, according to the EPA's Sun-Wise Program. That's more than breast, colon, lung and prostate cancer cases combine! Lotions does not protect you from nasty, painful burns. Lotions does not protect you from skin cancer. Lotions does not protect you from skin diseases. Lotions does not protect you from discolorations - permanently. And lotions does not protect you from skin tags, freckles, moles, they will only get larger, darker, and bumpier as they are exposed from UV. This year, 56,900 new cases of skin cancer will be reported; most of these people (not so coincidentally) don't take care of their skin when out in the sun.
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Alisya Originally Answered: Is it healthy to wash your face or should you let your face clean itself like it naturally does?
I've heard that too but when I tried I broke out. Try washing it with just water in the morning and then a facewash at night. With all the toxins in the environment, it is important to wash your face. If you wear any makeup at all, you should definitely wash it off your face every night as well.

Uri Uri
How you would want to achieve this look properly: 1. If you are very fair, you'll need to start with a bronzing primer. Stila, too faced, smashbox, almost everyone makes one; use about the size of large pearl starting around your nose and working your way out. 2. Then you want to use your regular foundation or powder as you normally do. 3. Finally get yourself a matte bronzer (my personal faves are cargo, nars and faux tan from bare minerals); if you are very fair, you'll want to apply this with a fan brush so you don't get too much. Apply the bronzer in an E and 3 shape on your face starting with your forehead, coming just under your cheekbone and ending at the base of your chin (here's an exaggeration of that... http://www.gidi.ie/Images/bronzer_face_apply.gif). 4. Lastly hit the inner corners of your eyes and the very tops of your cheekbones with a highlighter, this will brighten the whole look and bring out the areas you apply it to and take away from the depth of the bronzer. Here's some tips to avoid! 1. Use a matte bronzer, one that reflects light or has shimmer will give you more of a kim kardashian look... 2. Find a bronzer that's a true brown, something too dark or too orange will clash on your fair skin and you'll look like you're from the jersey shore :( 3. Don't use a foundation that's too dark for you, you should have a seamless transition from your neck to d├ęcolletage. Hope that helps!
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Robin Robin
My sister started tanning her face to reduce acne also but you need to start covering your face, the bulbs on the tanning bed cause serious wrinkles. I would look into some darkening face lotions like Jergens or Olay they have the sun kind that will make your skin appear darker and the lotion hydrates your skin. Good Luck! ~CRG
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Micha Micha
It looks like that girl uses a foundation a little darker than her actual skin color and a bronzer. Maybe try that?
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Micha Originally Answered: Food to reduce face fat / bloated face?
Face fat is harder to diet for specifically. Of course, drinking A LOT of water is a must and cutting down on the sodium will keep it from looking bloated. A healthy diet in general will help your body lose weight, which will lead to a smaller face. Don't starve yourself though, because an unhealthy diet will only harm your face. I use a facial massage in order to thin my face out. This one is pretty good: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO4_rtNVx... Use this massage once to twice a day (at morning and night). Also, don't stay up too late at night and always sleep on a pillow so that way your face won't puff up at night. Good luck!

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