My 21 month old daughter is constipated! HELP!?

My 21 month old daughter is constipated! HELP!? Topic: My 21 month old daughter is constipated! HELP!?
July 18, 2019 / By Justine
Question: When my daughter has to poop it is hard, dry, and often very very big. It brings her to tears to go and is quite an ordeal. It has been like this for about 6-7 months now and her doctor just says to give more juice and water (which she gets plenty of). Know of any home remedies for this since the doctor is no help? **She only drinks about 12 oz of milk a day, and a ton of apple juice/orange juice. **I do give suppositories but lets face it, nobody wants to have to do that every time their kid has to go to the bathroom. =)
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Gretchen Gretchen | 8 days ago
My son has SEVERE constipation and has been hospitalized for it many times.For a "normal"child these tricks will usually work. -Little Tummy's All natural Senna -Light corn oil -coconut milk or oil -pure pear juice(gerber has one) -apple/prune juice(also gerber) If you really need to more you can try mira-lax but I would do that only as a last option.Good luck and I really hope this helps.
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Gretchen Originally Answered: My 4 month old daughter is VERY constipated.?
My son had acid reflux. The only formula he could take was Enfamil AR. It does not come is soy I am sorry to say, but, it helped his reflux greatly. As for the constipation, my pediatrician told me to put a 1/4 teaspoon of Milk of Magnesia in with his formula once a day. It really helped the constipation. Be sure to ask your pediatrician about it though before giving it to her. Have you tried prune juice with water? Prunes are a natural diuretic and it really helped my son as well.

Di Di
Ok my children had the same problem. Our doctor told me to give my children Karo Syrup. The dark kind is better, I am not sure why. I would fix them oatmeal and instead of sugar I would put about a teaspoon in it. It really seemed to work. Also juice, for some reason, constipates my son. Try fresh fruits and green veggies. That seems to also work for my very hungry caterpillar. That is what he is like- never full. You may also want to try some regular water, if she won't drink it plain then add a lil of the syrup to it to give it some flavor. You can find the Karo Syrup usually in the aisle with the pancake syrup. Good Luck!
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Candyce Candyce
I found out myself from my pedi. for my 17 month old son that apple juice and orange juice besides milk can cause constipation. He said go with the 3 p's but not pineapple because of acid. Pear Peach Prune. Also make sure you give enough fruit and vegies this will help also.
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Amelie Amelie
My daughter will be 20 this year, and she has faced this problem since her birth. No Dr.s ever believed me. They always blamed her eating habits on her chronic constipation, but it just was not so. My Daughter finally got some medicine that helps her, it's called polyeth glycol 3350 nf powder. She puts it in her juice every morning and now she goes to the bathroom fairly normal. At least it's not as big, nor as painful as it has been all these years. )note: that is the generic name. I'm not sure what the other name is). Also, have you tried baby prunes for your daughter? If her pediatrician won't help her, please find another Dr. so she doesn't have to suffer as long as mine did. Actually, I ended up taking my daughter to a PaC...The people who are "almost" dr.s. Good luck!
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Walton Walton
I mix prune juice with my daughters other juices so it doesnt taste so bad and it helps. Shes 2 and has always had trouble pooping but this seems to be the only thing that helps.
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Walton Originally Answered: My daughter is constipated, what can i do for her?
Constipation is likely to happen when your child doesn't drink enough water, milk or fruit juices, or if your child doesn't eat a healthy diet that includes enough fiber. Fiber is found in foods such as cereals, grains, fruits and vegetables. If your child eats a diet high in fat and refined sugars (candy and desserts), he or she is probably not getting fiber, which may result in constipation. Also, young children with chronic constipation often ignore the urge to have a bowel movement. When a child avoids bowel movements, stool builds up in the lower bowel. The stool becomes larger and harder. Passage of the stool can be painful and makes children want to avoid having a bowel movement even more. There are many things you can do to help your child: Diet--You can start by increasing the amount of fluid your child drinks every day. If your baby is eating cereal, you can try adding a little prune juice to it.. If you have an older child, make sure they are drinking plenty of water, and you can also give them large prune juice, bran cereal, and fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber. Bowel habit training--Your child should be taught not to wait to have a bowel movement. To establish a regular bowel habit, ask your child to sit on the toilet for at least 10 minutes at about the same time each day, preferably after a meal. Make sure your child can place his or her feet firmly on the floor while sitting on the toilet. If this is not possible, put a footstool in front of the toilet. While your child is sitting on the toilet, you might let your child read a story book or listen to the radio. Medicine--Many laxatives are available to treat constipation in children. The choice of laxative depends on the age of your child and how serious the constipation is. Ask your family doctor to suggest a brand name and tell you how much to use. Start a reward program-Begin rewarding your child for just sitting on the toilet. For example, if your child sits on the toilet at the planned time, reward your child with a favorite activity. If your child has a bowel movement, give your child praise and a reward. Try not to use food as a reward. Some children like to be awarded with stickers or stars on a shart. Older children like to add up points for a larger reward, such as a trip to a movie theater. Hope she feels better soon!

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