Good ways to lose weight at home?

Good ways to lose weight at home? Topic: Good ways to lose weight at home?
December 11, 2019 / By Justina
Question: Some people answered my Q in my last Q. I asked "Is Skipping rope a good way to lose fat?". Know I need to know ways to lose fat at home so please help. I can't go outside to a gym because it's so hot outside(I live in Saudi Arabia, but I'M NOT SAUDI. The temperature is around 35-40 C.) so I can't go out side to a gym, bike, run, or anything. So is there a good way or exercise at home? (I'm 12 1/2 years old) Thanks!
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Greta Greta | 7 days ago
hi dear just follow these simple tips to shed extra pounds from your weight - take balanced diet - take 5 meals in the day - add fruits and vegetables in your meals - zip your lips for fried and fast foods - avoid colas and sweets - drink more water and fresh juice - do regular workout, yoga or brisk walk - think positive and keep smiling good luck :o)
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Greta Originally Answered: What are some good exercises to do at home to lose weight?
You have internet, and that's enough! If you really want to lose weight, I recomand you to start doing 30days shred- it has 3 levels- I'm currently on the first one, and only equipment needed on l1 is weight- I don't have it either, so I filled two bottles with water..But you can tape two cans of corn or anything together. But cardio is important to lose weight, so do little research. Oh, and in adition, just to say, check before and after 30 days shred pictures, you'll be stunned!:) xx Good luck!

Deziree Deziree
Ya walking and sprinting are good but u can't go outside you maybe just push ups and stuff. But losing weight is like 75% what and how u eat, not doing a workout. Doing a workout will keep you in shape and make u function better physiologically and give you muscle which to sustain itself burns off fat. However, like a 20 jog on the treadmill might burn off maybe one cookie I think. You dont want to go anorexic either because that causes your metabolism to slow down and makes you gain even more weight when u do eat, and that is besides all the obvious side effects as well. You want to eat like no carbs or sugar for one. They are the opiate of the masses because they were only ever meant to be used to feed large numbers. Humans were naturally designed to eat lots of meat and lots of fat. Healthy fat that is, saturated and unsaturated are fine and trans is bad. Eat like the fat from a steak or the fat from coconut or olive oil and eat as much as possible. The inuits actually survived on fat and meat. People were meant to and many cultures used to think it was like a unpopular thing if you had to resort vegetables or anything else. THe natives ate this diet and they were said to be taller than the average european, had all there teeth and perfect bone structure and could sprint and catch wild animals in a way that impressed european explorers and settlers. Check this diet out. It will do wonders all around. There is a website that is not spam but a guy who advocates this kind of eating.
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Candy Candy
Good question - Do you know that doing house chores is also one very good way to lose weight? Example, when you mop the floor, you are actually swinging your arms and probably doing some squats too. And when you wipe the fans or ceilings, you are doing some climbing. And you wash your clothes using your hands, you are exercising your hands. And you re position the furniture, you are doing some pushing and using up strength. All these burn lots of calories. Trust me, it works.
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Amelia Amelia
You do more and more exercise and avoid oily food and after eating food don't sit ,do some walk..Then it surely helps you to lose your weight at home,
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Walter Walter
I have already used this set of exercises in another question, but i feel like you have use for it too. Firstly, please read at least the last part if you find the wall of text too big. If you are concerned about your weight, getting more muscular mass isn't the best idea because muscles are heavier then fat (per cubic inch). If this is about looking better and having less fat, use this exercises: (small) Sit-ups: Lay down flat on the floor (preferably on a soft and flat surface), cross your arms over your chest and lift your shoulders from the floor. Try to use the muscles in your stomach to pull your lowest ribs to your midsection. This will train your upper stomach muscles. (normal) Sit-ups: Lay down with your knees bend (find a comfortable angle) and put something heavy over your feet (or stick them under the sofa or whatever). Then cross your arms again, but now pull yourself up all the way until you are sitting upright. When you go back you can try to stop before you hit the floor, that makes the exercise heavier and so more effective. This trains all your stomach muscles. Other i don't know the name exercise: Lay down again, put your hands under your bottom and roll back while pulling your knees up to your head. While doing that, lift your bottom from the floor a little with your hands. Then roll back, stretch out your legs a little and repeat. This one is quite tricky, be careful with your spine when doing this on a hard surface. It trains muscles in your chest, midsection and stomach. Push-ups: Get down on your knees, put your hands on the floor close to your body, next to your shoulders and stretch out your legs. Then lower yourself until you are about an inch from the floor and go up again. Keep your body straight while doing this, don't point up your bottom in the air. You can also do it with only your knees on the ground and your lower legs up, that is less intensive, but also less effective. Special Push-ups: You can make a fist and push up on your knuckles, then you are developing your wrists more. You can place your hands further away, then you develop your chest muscles more. Place your hands under your chest in a triangle, you will feel that you use different muscles then with normal push-ups. Training your legs is difficult indoors, I'd say a home trainer is the best solution. I myself cycle about an hour per day on a crappy bicycle. When I was your age, I also where a little fat, but being late for school is a good motivation to keep going :) If you something hurts with every repetition of a movement (for example your feet when doing normal sit-ups) then you have to change something (in this example put something soft between the heavy object and your feet). When after a small number of repetitions the muscles you are training start to hurt, you are coming close to the point where you have to stop. My last hint is not to overdo yourself. When your body is telling you to stop, do two more repetitions of something and stop. Good luck training, and for the sake of your health: Don't use all the magical products that burn fat fast Don't starve yourself Don't listen to people that try to sell you something here
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Russ Russ
Add veggies to baked goods. You'll never even taste the particular zucchini in these brownies or maybe the sweet potato in these kind of cookies.
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Russ Originally Answered: What are the best exercises i can do at home to get a flat tummy, and what is a good diet to lose weight?
I am trying to lose weight in the stomach myself and I always hear that it's impossible to lose weight in one area though exercises that can help are jogging, aerobics, high knee jogging, weights, burpees (push up then jumping up, repeated over) I motivate myself by either listening to music or going to shops and looking at slim fit clothes and thinking to myself "one day I want to wear that" and realising the only way I can is by working hard. With your diet, just cut out the junk and add lots of water, veges, fruits, whole grains, etc. Have a balanced diet... do not think eating veges all day will make you lose weight. At the start you may not like your diet but you force yourself to get used to it and then you dont ever wanna go back

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