Healthy homamade food to eat in lunch at school ?

Healthy homamade food to eat in lunch at school ? Topic: Healthy homamade food to eat in lunch at school ?
October 18, 2019 / By Norman
Question: What HEALTHY can I make at home to eat early in the morning at school and a bigger meal for lunchtime ? I used to eat special k bar for snack early in the morning but that contains so much sugar ...... Do you have any ideas ? AND NO NUTS i'm allergic!
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Kyran Kyran | 2 days ago
Do you eat fish? Sushi is SO healthy and really fun to make. you can also take it in a lunch box to school. you just need: some sushi rice Sushi Nori (a special seaweed) Smoked salmon, prawns and other fish wasabi paste other marinades. Google it. you can find most of the ingredients at your supermarket (: also, try taking fruit or rice cakes for a mid morning snack. i Hope this helps. Hopefully you can have fun at home making healthy meals and snacks! (:
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Kyran Originally Answered: What's a healthy lunch I can take to school but will keep me filled for about five hours?
If you want fruit then stick to Bananas and dont mix them with citrus fruits - as they accelerate the speed with which they pass through your body. I'd suggest a small pre-prepared chicken and wholegrain pasta mix in a tupperware bowl, and a couple of bananas. You'll feel great - dont forget to drink plenty of water too as it also helps fend off hunger pains.

Isaac Isaac
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Farran Farran
I would just go to a health food store and pick out what looks the tastiest. I would only buy enough stuff to make lunchs for about a week and then go back the next week and adjust anything you didn't like. Some good things would be. *Whole grain crackers and cheese (watch out for nuts in the crackers) *Fruit leather (only made out of real fruit) *Hard boiled eggs *Soups are always good... I love tomato, chicken noodle (watch out for salt content if you get canned.... .if you make your own I would make enough for all week over the weekend and freeze them so all you have to do is pop in your lunch and warm up later). *Cut up fruit (Cheese is also good with the fruit) *Yogurt *Dried Fruit *Protein bar (watch out for sugar) To make lunches go together faster I would premake everything over the weekend or your days off so you don't have to do much thinking in the morning. Just throw things together and go.
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Curt Curt
Oatmeal in the morning----get the reg, oatmeal and put brown sugar and honey in it or fresh fruit. Oatmeal will stick w/you for a VERY long time. I'm hypoglycemic so my sugars are always crashing and I've found reg. oatmeal (not the kind w/all the sweeteners and sugars) helps me immensely. Banana for your mid-morning snack is fast and easy...the sugars will give you a boost to make it before lunchtime. Lunch--whole wheat bread, PBJ **OR** turkey or ham w/mustard, handful of pretzels to satisfy your salt craving, a piece of fruit, and (and Dr. Oz from Oprah said this is prob. one of the healthiest junk foods---Rice Krispy Treat b/c it only contains 90 cals.
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Curt Originally Answered: What are some healthy and creative ideas for kids' school lunch?
Smoothies in a thermos! I'm a terrible, terrible eater but even I cannot deny the excellence of a strawberry, orange and banana smoothie. They'll be the coolest kids in the cafeteria.

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