Dieting and Constipation. Serious answers Only please?

Dieting and Constipation. Serious answers Only please? Topic: Dieting and Constipation. Serious answers Only please?
September 23, 2019 / By Brittany
Question: Ive been dieting and working out really hard for about a week and eating protein and really FEW carbs.. Which is probably why I'm getting constipated. Since i'm constipated, my weight is staying pretty much the same. I was wondering if that means i'm NOT losing weight, or If I AM still losing weight even though im all bloated. Does being constipated mean your not losing weight... I dont want to waste my time dieting like this if I'm not gonna lose anything.
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Alisha Alisha | 6 days ago
You should add more fiber to your diet, preferable fruits and vegetables, but if you don't want to include them as part of your diet, at least take fiber supplements (pills or powder that you mix into a beverage. Fiberall, metamucil, fibercon, fiber sure, store brand ect. ) Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water. If you are dehydrated, you can get constipated as well.
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Alisha Originally Answered: what is an enema? constipation? how does it work exactly?17 weeks pregnant! answers please!?
They don't give pain meds for an enema. Generally you can do one at home that is a little uncomfortable. If you can get over the grossness it doesn't hurt you and you feel better in the end. if done at home an enema is a collapsible bottle filled with either saline or oil with lubricated tube on the end that goes into the rectum about an inch and a half. the bottle is squeezed slowly until all the liquid is inside. you wait laying on your side for a few minutes or until you absolutely can't hold it anymore and then you expell the liquid and everything else it brings with it. If you get this done at a hospital there is a bag of the liquid, the kind that hangs on the pole, with a long tube attached. a nurse or nurse aid will lubricate the end of the tube and insert it into the rectum no more than 3-4 inches and hold it in place until all of the liquid(saline or oil) is inside your rectum. it's the same from there except at the hospital your placed on a bed pan and you poop while lying in your own bed.

Uni Uni
Its often a fiber hassle.....I have had bowel issues for two years now. It began after having surgical procedure. My healthcare professional instructed me that alot of occasions womens bowels can end up sluggish and gradual from time to time. He prescribed me the prescription ZELNORM.....it is helping the muscle tissue within that transfer matters by way of larger. It used to just be defined for ladies. But now I see increasingly guys taking it too. It relatively does support. I have had no part results in two years. You would possibly begin out on a 6 weeks trial to look if it is helping. If it does...you can also hold so long as you're monitored.
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Ritchie Ritchie
This constipation could be a reason for not losing weight because of your protein intake. What you may wan tto do is purchase some stool softner or fiber to get your bowel movements regular again. I had to do this and it really helped me.
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Methuselah Methuselah
If you are exercising you definitely need more carbs/fibers. Eat veggies (greens, carrots) and fruits (apples, oranges). Also whole wheat bread is a great source of fiber. You can also supplement with Citrucel. It's better than Metamucil because it doesn't cause gas.
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Methuselah Originally Answered: 3 months pregnant with severe constipation! DESPERATE FOR ANSWERS!?
I know exactly how you feel, i had it too with my little boy. Go to the pharmacy and ask for lactulose solution, its the only laxative you can take when pregnant, take a couple of big spoons of it a day when neeeded it works a treat! its very mild so dont be frightened of taking it! x

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