How to gain weight quickly?

How to gain weight quickly? Topic: How to gain weight quickly?
October 14, 2019 / By Gabriella
Question: I have no desire to be so skinny. I'm 14 and i'm 100 pounds. that's not a lot, really. i am a stick figure and i HATE it! please, please help me with ways to gain weight, because with a little stomach comes little boobs and a little butt, and seriously, that suckss. i know that eating would be the obvious answer, but i've been eating practically non-stop for three weeks and i've gained 2 pounds, only to lose it off again. gaining weight is actually harder than i thought. and it's frustrating! thankyouu!
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Davinia Davinia | 8 days ago
you have a fast metabolism. listen, heaps of girls would die to be skinny and at least you know that its not as wonderful as it's made out to be. but if dieting is not working, and only if you've tried every other suggestion people put, then i have another answer for you. its called dressing for your body type. there are loads of style that help give the allusion of a bigger bust size, bigger butt, etc. the best thing to do is go out and talk to the friendly shop assistants and tell them you're looking for something to make yourself appear more curvaceous, or less scrawny. try on all sorts of stuff, even things you wouldnt usually wear. take lots of money and buy a great new wardrobe of stuff you look and feel great in. that does seem like quite an expensive route, i know, the whole buying a wardrobe thing. but with a fast metabolism like yours, its very hard to gain and sustain a rounder weight. to help with weight gain try swapping your low-fat choices that we naturally make in this day and age for the more fattier stuff. like try full cream milk instead of lite/skim and use butter instead of marg, if you eat nuts get the roasted ones. have cookies in between meals. lots of fruit, its not fattening but it is good for you and its not good to try and gain weight by compromising healthy food. have good lean proteins (like steaks and patties), fatty ones are just gross to me. make your meals very good and sustaining for example a breakfast with a slice of whole grain toast with butter and honey, a banana and a glass of milk. for morning tea have an apple and if you can fit it in, a granola bar. lunch have sushi if you like it, or a big sandwich, even a burger, with vegetables or salad and a piece or fruit as well as a mufffin or slice of cake or biscuit. something like a sweet treat. i suppose a packet of chips or some crackers would also work. stick with whatever dinner mum makes. from supper have a full-cream yogurt with berries or other fruit. thats just a basic sort of diet. try drinking flavoured waters throughout the day over ordinary water. if a filling diet like that fails then just accept your body is the way it is. dress for yourself. you'll be fine! be happy with your weight, whatever it is! you're beautiful anyway.
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Davinia Originally Answered: How can I gain weight quickly?
That's absurd - if you want to gain weight, then do it the right way. Drinking 3 or 4 cokes and eating junk food is not the right way to gain weight. Increase your caloric intake with nutritious calorie-dense foods, such as: Nuts and nut butters Seeds and dried fruit Granola or trail mix Avocados Salmon Quinoa Eggs Whole wheat pasta Dark chocolate *Cook with oil, not wine (olive oil is healthy) *Add seeds and nuts to oatmeal, parfaits, smoothie bowls, and salads *Add nut butters to smoothies

Brenna Brenna
Be f'ing thankful you have a high metabolism! As you get older and fill out more I'm sure you will look like less of a 'stick figure' but if you really want to gain weight don't just shove junk food down your throat. Try to gain muscle, by exercising like running, or lifting weights. Plus, eat healthy fats, like avocados, nuts, etc. Good luck! :]
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Alexia Alexia
confidently you desire to reap muscle tissue, now not fats, correct? broaden your protein and carb consumption. Try to curb the fats. Work on weight lifting, and you may also desire to incorporate protein shakes - the ones mainly have the quickest end result - however except you figure out with them, it'll simply be fats. As a long way because the figure out - do plenty of units, with few reps in each and every. this is helping bulk up the muscle institution. A individual instructor for your regional gymnasium would additionally provide you further recommendation. : )
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Tybalt Tybalt
There is only one way to gain weight: get more calories than you burn on a regular basis. Two chocolate bars more every day and one spoon of sugar in every cup of tea or coffee will do the trick. And see your general practitioner to have your thyroid checked.
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Rickey Rickey
you are making a bad choice of gaining weight for curves. boobs & butt size are not always formed from weight. cuz it all depends on your genes & hormones. if your family has petite boobs and small butt , you are most likely to be like them.
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Rickey Originally Answered: How do I gain weight quickly?
Eat lots of carbs and high calorie foods, but maintain a good exercise routine otherwise you'll wind up with a lot of blubber instead of the good kind of weight, i.e. muscle. Eat pasta, rice, bread, lots of dairy, chicken, fish, and on occasion red meat (cut out processed meats, they're bad for you), along with fruits and vegetables. WORK OUT BY LIFTING WEIGHTS!! After workout, drink a protein shake. They sell good ready-made ones at Walgreens in the health section called Myoplex. The shake must be consumed 30 minutes post workout or else your time in the gym was for naught. Stay off junk food like potato chips, cookies, cakes, sweets, twinkies, chocolate, and definitely stay off soda. these foods have absolutely 0 nutritional value and severly damage your body further down the road. Ignore the idiots who advised you to eat at McDonalds and to eat junk food. They're probably lugging around rolls of belly fat right now. Keep this routine consistent and you will see results in a few short weeks.

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