Quickest way to lose weight?

Quickest way to lose weight? Topic: Quickest way to lose weight?
November 14, 2019 / By Faithe
Question: Recently, i've gone up to a UK size 12.... i've always been a 10, and it's sooo frustrating not fitting into any of my clothes... I've mainly developed a chubby tummy :( Whats the quickest way to lose weight?? I don't care how it is, whether its starving myself for a week or so lol... any advice would be much appreciated!! (i'm joining a gym, but I want fast results!!) :) 10points best answer
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Conradine Conradine | 8 days ago
Do the lemonade cleanse: When To Use It: If your overweight and would like to shed excess pounds. How Long: 3 - 5 days Lemonade Drink Ingredients 18 -25 lemons or limes (preferably fresh picked) Genuine Grade A or B Dark Amber maple syrup (not maple flavored syrup) Cayenne pepper (red pepper) natural or organic Water (spring or distilled) Sea salt (uniodized) 1 bottle CKLS
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Conradine Originally Answered: What is the quickest way to lose weight?
Hi Arman. Sometimes you do not REALLY need to do extra stuff, but just do things differently. Any physical exercise would help burn off the weight, so instead of standing still for two minutes waiting for the elevator try going up the stairs! Obviously there would be the food thing - how much do you eat at each meal? Could you maybe eat just three quarters the amount of carbohydrate? If you have a fried meal then could it be cooked some other way, or even better could you avoid that type of food? Drink - well beer etc adds weight on faster that you think, so again missing it out might help you loose weight. Also if you add sugar to your coffee then could you use a sweetener instead? Do you have a dog? If so then how much exercise do you give to them? Could you not maybe add an extra ten minutes on to each walk? Or maybe even better take them for a run spending the same time as you currently are. That way your body would need more energy, got from the spare weight, and yet you would spend no extra time. It would also be good for your heart! Somebody has already suggested getting out of your car a bit earlier, but then do you simply use your car too much? Do you have a friend who lives just a mile away, and yet you are always driving there? If so then why not walk, because again there would be addition benefits. Not only would you get the exercise, but also you would be saving money on your car due to less wear and tear! The best one is this though - do you have a partner? How often do you make the bed squeak? Could that not be done twice as often, because not only is it using up the energy, but the human body releases a hormone. I cannot remember its medical name, but I do know it is also not as the "feel good hormone", because it really does pick up the feelings a person has - content and happy. Go on be a devil and use the exercise as an excuse! Good luck in reaching your goal. Richard

Bertha Bertha
good but unhealthy way : chew gum! lots of excercise (sit ups) drink water. eat fruits and veg for snacks instead of sweets. x
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Affrikah Affrikah
keeping good posture will not only strengthen your core but will also add a small extra calorie burn because you re working slightly harder to maintain the position
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Thorley Thorley
take some pills that are called rodotex...they need to be prescribed but my friend bought them online...she lost 8 pounds in a week...she looks so good now...i guarantee they will work...read up on it as well...just goggle it RODOTEX
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Quincy Quincy
combine your resistance training with short bursts of high intensity cardio to increase your post workout calorie burn
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Malone Malone
do some exercise and dont go on a diet because it doesnt help. it makes you fatter. eat loads of food but it has to be healthy. have a balanced diet.
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Jered Jered
Two tablespoons of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar a day after each meal, and try to eat about 1000 calories a day. Lots of veggies, no sugar or starches.
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Jered Originally Answered: wat is the quickest way to lose weight?
If you want to lose weight, you need to two things: eat less and exercise more. Weight gain happens when you create a calorie surplus (eat more than you burn). Your body takes the excess calories and converts them to fat which get stored around your stomach, arms and thighs. The longer you remain in a calorie surplus, the more weight you'll gain. To lose that weight, you need to do the opposite. You need to create a calorie deficit (start eating less than you burn). Your first step is to figure out how many calories you burn on a daily basis. This calculator will help you out http://calorieneedscalculator.com The number you get from this tool is what your body burns on a daily basis. To lose weight, simply eat less. It sounds a lot easier than it is but making small changes helps you adjust to a new lifestyle. Don't think of this as a diet, think of it as a new life. Instead of eating foods high in sugars, white flour and saturated fat, go with fruits, vegetables, whole wheats, fish, lean meats, nuts and beans. In addition to eating less, you also need to exercise more. Start off at 1-2 times per week and work your way up to 3-5 times per week. Don't make all of these changes at once or you won't be able to properly adjust to them. Generally, eating healthier foods will decrease your calorie intake. Compare a doughnut to an apple and you'll see that healthy foods are lower in calories. You can find some more information at the Beginner's Guide to Dieting - Beginner's Guide to Dieting - http://straightdiet.com

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