Can water make you constipated?

Can water make you constipated? Topic: Can water make you constipated?
September 23, 2019 / By Eldreda
Question: I know that's a wierd question, but I've decided once and for all to eat better to lose weight and be healthier. And I've been doing really well, eating right, moving more and drinking lots of water. And ever since I've been drinking all this water it's been harder to have a bowel movement. I'm drinking almost a gallon of water a day and other not being able to "go", I'm feeling much better and my skin looks healthier. So, what's going on?
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Cherilyn Cherilyn | 9 days ago
You say that you're eating right!!! But what exactly is right for you?? Have you introduced food with high fiber contents? If you're eating more vegetables, are you eating the right ones (the leafy green one)?? What's weird is also you say you're moving more which usually promote better bowel movement since hopefully you're eating at the same time intervals. Too bad you don't say how long you have not being able to "go". But I have to give you High five to you for changing your eating habits and moving more, you're in the right direction. See your doctor and also a nutritionist who can help you establish a good eating routine for you. It's very important before your begin any diet that you get a plan from them depending your age, height, weight and making sure it does not interact with your medicament you're maybe taking. Call and take your doctor appointment today!
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Cherilyn Originally Answered: Is it bad to give my one month old a quater ounce of water if he is constipated once in a while?
no not at all i have always done it and as early as a few days old as my midwife had suggested! it works wonders for mine! mum to 3.5 yr old, 2.5 yr old & 17 week old!

Ashley Ashley
NO, it does not make you constipated, it actually encourages your bowel movements, and makes you go to the toilet quicker. It flushes out your system, and makes it more cleaner. The reason you probably have not gone yet is because you have had a rapid change in diet, and your body has not adapted to it yet, you should try eating fruit as this is full of fibre and it should make your bowel movements more easier. Just give it time, and remember your diet should contain plenty of fibre and protein and not saturated fat as this causes constipation!
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Zerah Zerah
The water is good for you and should help you go. If you have had a change in diet that is more likely the cause. Don't worry this will pass soon. If not see a doc.
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Skyler Skyler
Actually,water is a natural lubricant. If you haven't "gone" in a couple of days, I suggest you get checked by your family physician soon.
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Ormond Ormond
no, water can not make you constipated....actually its good for the body, check your food intake, some of them might be the cause of your constipation, i suggest that you try to eat high fiber food
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Ormond Originally Answered: Tmi question. I was very constipated, a laxative didn't work so I tried salt water.?
In a couple of hours. Next time you are constipated try eating canned peaches and/or drinking apple cider or juice. If you get a urinary infection from the diarrhea, drink a lot of cranberry juice. The real stuff that makes your face turn inside out, NOT the sugared mix.

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