What to do with my betta fish?

What to do with my betta fish? Topic: What to do with my betta fish?
September 18, 2019 / By Edda
Question: I love him and all but he isn't compatible with the other fish in my tank (GBR) and I can't set up another tank for him...so what should I do? I bought (rescued) him from Wal-Mart, will they take him back? Problem is that I don't want him to end up in a bowl and dying in a year, I want someone to keep him in his own 10 gallon tank with plants and maybe some otos or a small pleco or something. So thats why I don't want to take him back to the store...does anyone live in MN that wants him and will do the above?
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Chantelle Chantelle | 4 days ago
I actually know of people keeping them with GBR with great success. before you get rid of him I'd give it a try. if I lived near you I'd tank him, I have plenty of room (have 8 males at a time before and only have 4 right now). lol if it doesn't work out, you could try posting an add on a group like free cycle or craigslist, say something about how he needs an adequate tank with a heater, NOT a bowl. if he's free, I'm sure some animal lover in your area will find him and give hima good home :)
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Chantelle Originally Answered: Is 1.5l enough for a small gold fish or betta or just a small fish ? Pls help.easy points?
Definitely not. No way. 1.5 litres is not big enough for any living thing. Well maybe for a day before it dies in its own waste. Fish cannot live in bowls. Goldfish are massive, the ones at the stores are small because they're babies under a year old (goldfish live to be 20 years). The smallest breed of goldfish grow to be 8 inches long (20 cm) and the regular commons grow to be 16 inches long (40 cm), so they would not even fit in a tank that size. The small fancy goldfish require 75 litres each as an absolute minimum. The common goldfish require 300 litres each. And they need double filtration. So 1 litre is nowhere near large enough, goldfish are not easy to care for, they are best suited for ponds. A betta is a more reasonable fish selection, but even they require much larger tanks than this. They should have at least 15 litres, not only because of the size of the tank, but they are tropical fish and this is the smallest tank you can safely put a heater in. They will also need a gentle filter. This is the smallest tank size you can get, and any other fish besides a betta will need something larger. Zebra fish are very active and they need to be in schools of at least 5 or 6, so they also need a larger tank of about 60-75 litres. They would need a heater though as well if you are considering getting them So get a nice 20 litre, a gentle filter, and a heater, and cycle the tank, then get some silk or live plants and a betta.
Chantelle Originally Answered: Is 1.5l enough for a small gold fish or betta or just a small fish ? Pls help.easy points?
no sorry thats know where near big enough. a 'small' goldfish can grow anywhere from 6-12" (sometimes bigger). there is no fish that can live in something that small. goldfish need either 20 or 75 gallons depending on what type they are, bettas need at least 5 gallons (which i think is around 30 litres)

Anstey Anstey
you are never going to find a person that is willing to take such special care, when bettas are available in every petstore in the world. And why would anyone want to pay for shipping on aquabid? they could just go to the store and get one without having to pay for shipping. You could give it to a friend or someone you know. You are kind of asking for alot, and i think if you seriouslyt want all that for the fish, you should take responsibility. Anyone that is willing to keep him in a 2.5 gal heated tank, and whom you know is responsible, is good enough. Anything would be better than you returning him to wal-mart. DONT TAKE HIM BACK TO WAL-MART atleast give him a chance to survive. If you would be able to keep him in a smaller tank, would you keep him? Bettas dont need a ten gal. tank...you are asking for alot and noone will do it unless it is someone you know or a friend. Give it to any caring, and responsible person.
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Zach Zach
Try aquabid.com . Also, there might be someone willing to take him and rehome him better on ultimatebettas.com. Good luck. (:
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Zach Originally Answered: My Betta Fish!?
its flaring at you bcuz its angry about being in a bowl. heres why bettas (or any other fish) should not be in bowls: no heater-bettas are tropical so they sloooow down because they are cold, bettas are way more exciting in a heated tank, mine is in a 30g heated, filtered etc community tank and she is all over the place temperature changes a lot between day and night, it isn't constant, and that stresses the fish no hood, the fishy might jump out, also things can fall in the water no filter, ammonia from waste gets higher and higher while uneaten food falls and rots on the bottom and uncontrolled algae dominates the sides, ammonia spikes and if the water is not changed often, can be fatal to the fish the warped sides of the bowl can cause the fish to go blind boring!! no space to move!! all the poor, cold betta can do is sit in his own waste and stare out the warped sides of the bowl and imagine the luxury of a heated, filtered 5g!!! and he probably sees his reflection and it looks all funny cuz he's in a bowl. bettas like blood worms, anything freeze dried, i feed my fish twice a day (there are 11 others besides the betta) with flakes, spirulina, and blood worms and they go crazy for the blood worms. bettas aren't aggressive, they are just misunderstood. males fight males, also sometimes angelfish and male guppies.

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