diet pills?

diet pills? Topic: diet pills?
June 18, 2019 / By Britta
Question: i know diet pills are not the right choice but does anyone know any safe and effective pills that you can buy at a store. my friend has her heart set on diet pills to lose weight and if she's going to take the chance i don't want to see her get addicted or anything.
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Alis Alis | 3 days ago
Well diet pills in general, no matter how "SAFE" they are .... None of them work. They may temporarily help you lose weight but when you are off of them, or your body builds up tolerance to them, then you gain it back. Losing weight is not losing weight if you gain it back. That’s what diet pills do, why do you think there is a new popular one every few months. Now if you wonder if there are any good supplements and my answer is yes. There are some supplements that you can take that can enhance a very healthy diet and fitness program and help you to stay committed to it. 7 Keto is an awesome metabolic enhancing compound that helps to reduce body weight and body fat by giving you more of a hormone that tells your thyroid to increase your metabolism. You may say wow, that’s what I need. No, the 7-Keto is all you need, not the other stuff. Yes but no, see the body can only take so much of it at a time before its eliminated by the blood and the rest becomes expensive urine. So you cant just take it alone, it must be part of a plan. Hoodia by itself, not combined with other compounds, appears to affect the brain by making the stomach feel full and reducing the desire to eat. Offers safe, caffeine-free, non-stimulant weight management support when used alone. It also may help in metabolizing fats. Multivitamins - help you maintain the muscle that you have by providing nutrients your cells need. Understand if you don’t put enough nutrients in your body, you will lose muscle because your body will eat the muscle for those nutrients. These supplements should be part of an overall lifestyle change, to a healthier one.
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Alis Originally Answered: diet pills and birth control pills?
Your question is complicated in that it requires two answers. If you want to know if diet pills decreased the effectiveness of birth control pills, there is not enough data in the medical scientific literature to say one way or the other. It simply has not been studied enough. On the other hand, if you are asking if is okay to take diet pills without your doctors consent, the answer is no. Many over the counter diet pills can be dangerous to your health. For example, some diet products contain Ephedrine, which is an amphetamine like compound (stimulant) that has potential powerful effects on the central nervous system (CNS) and heart. Ephedrine can cause high blood pressure, irregularities in heart rate, insomnia, nervousness, tremors, headaches and seizures. Other diet pills have similar stimulants properties that can cause the same problems. You need to be especially careful since you said that you have been experiencing many health problems. Talk to your doctor and explain your concerns. He/she will give you precise information how diet pills will affect your health. Your doctor can also recommend a safer ways for you to maintain a healthy weight. in your search box type this in "can diet pills affect birth control?" and so many results will show up about this. Good Luck

Ulric Ulric
There is no magic pill that will work to lose weight. Every pill on the market (over the counter and prescription) is unhealthy for your overall health. Taken for a short period of time would be safest if she has to take one. Tell her to try the Natural Food section and get some diet pills that are made from natural products. Also tell her how important diet is. She should watch the food labels of every item she buys for the amount of grams and only buy the ones with the lowest grams of fat. Tell her to stop eating fast foods, sugary foods and soda's. And tell her to walk or exercise everyday. And especially important drink at least 1 gallon of water a day. Good luck!
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Rio Rio
I have tried Trim Spa with some success. It makes you feel full before you normally would so you eat less. The only drawback to it is that you have to take it about 30 minutes before you're going to eat. If you take it & then eat 5 minutes later, it won't make you feel full sooner. Kind of sucked having to plan out the pill ahead of eating, but I think it's worth a shot if your friend doesn't mind that.
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Mesech Mesech
I have a heart condition now from using diet pills for one year at age 19. SO I would not use them at all. I found out my grandmother died (heart attack) from using them, after the fact since no one believed she would use them after my incident and law suit. Please just use other methods to loose weight. Its not worth getting the "Speed" of them it kills. I am living proof that it can really hurt you.
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Mesech Originally Answered: I want to go on diet pills. What pills are the most affective and healthiest?
Ephedrine are the best for short term weight loss but I wouldn't recommend them as they are easy to get addicted to and mess your head up. Try doing more cardio and eat high protein, low fat foods.

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