What are some best laxatives?

What are some best laxatives? Topic: What are some best laxatives?
December 9, 2019 / By Devan
Question: I've had severe constipation and have had to miss school for that entire week!!!! Mira lax, milk of magnesia, enema (both mineral oil and saline), high fiber foods, those powders you mix into water, magnesium citrate, gas-x: NOTHING WORKS!!! I've had no bowel movements for around 2 weeks and am REALLY desperate!!! Is there a laxative that can work within a day?? *How about one of those colonoscopy laxatives??* OH! btw...why is it that it gets considerably worse when I'm in school??? is it because im nervous?? and what can help with that? i didnt mean for this to be in the 'diet and fitness' section... I need actual brand names and procedures
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Candi Candi | 5 days ago
I've used Colonix from Drnatura Go to www.drnatura.com dr natura . com (take out the spaces) I think it's the best stuff that works for me - It's very powerful but at the same time not taxing on your system. It's gentle and doesn't give you diareah. You just take the powder (which is really good tastes like graham crackers) mix ith with almond milk or regulr milk and maybe some peanut butter for a morning smoothie then you take the tea at night which also tastes good and helps you sleep. When you wake up is when you go and you go a lot.
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Candi Originally Answered: How old must you be to buy laxatives?
Well it depends where you are really. And I have no problem giving you the details about it as it's up to you how you use them and thus all I am doing is answering your question.

Amanda Amanda
The more water in the colon, the more regular you will be. Increase your WATER intake. For extreme cases get up very early in the morning and before you brush your teeth drink 32oz of warm water as warm as you can take it, for best results add 2 tbs uniodized sea salt to the water and drink it. this should be by 5:00 am as the body attempts purge itself between 4:00 and 7:00 am. Becareful your body has not developed a dependency on laxatives, you can also try Cascara Sagrada
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Wallace Wallace
I don't know which is the best laxative, but an enema is the quickest. I would suggest an enema bag that holds about 2 quarts of water. good luck on relief.
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Ruby Ruby
Go to a doctor ASAP and get checked out no more laxatives enemas etc till find out the cause of the problem.
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Ruby Originally Answered: age to buy laxatives?
Yeah you probably could self checkout them. Try eating apples, the fiber inside them will help you release your bowels. And remember that you literally came out of your mother ans she changed your diapers and taught you how to use the potty. I doubt she will have a problem with you asking for help...just so you know.

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