Constipated puppy? What do I do?

Constipated puppy? What do I do? Topic: Constipated puppy? What do I do?
January 29, 2020 / By Delinda
Question: My seven month old puppy has not pooped in 24 hours. He kept trying really hard all last night but only managed to get out a tiny bit. He hasn't tried at all really all day. We gave him a tablespoon of olive oil this morning. He's still drinking lots of water, peeing normally, and eating, and being his usual playful self. What should I do?
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Bunny Bunny | 7 days ago
Does he seem to be in any discomfort? Has he had a change of diet? what diet is your dog currently being provided and how often? Could he have previously ingested a foreign body causing a blockage? As he is drinking a lot of water it is more likely that diarrhoea is the cause of constipation however, the above questions are also something to think about. 24 hours does seem like a very long time and hopefully will not continue for much longer. I'm sure that your dog will be back to normal soon but just incase you do find that the cause is diarreoa, rehydration even with large amounts of water can be difficult for his body to absorb and will just pass through. Usually supplements from your vet can be provided by being mixed into their water source to replace the electrolytes lost. Diets can also be prescribed to help the digestive system clear and recover. I would recommend closely monitoring your dog to decide whether he will need a consultation from a veterinarian or not. Ensure that a fresh water supply is available within a short distance of your dog at all times and also avoid giving treats and meaty feeds for now. It would be best to just keep your dog's feeds as dry as possible and feed the same daily amount more regularly in smaller portions. This way the digestive system can work a little at a time, digesting more hypoallergenic feeds rather than irritable liquid jelly and gravy meats in large portions at a time. Keep a close eye on him whilst he is outside also to make sure he is excreting normally and behaving normally. Keep him warm, calm, well fed on dry feeds and well hydrated and monitor his progress. If no progress is made what so ever and his constipation seems to be getting worse, a vet consultation will be essential for a diagnosis and the start of the treatment that he needs. I wish you all the best :) keep us updated
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Bunny Originally Answered: Could my dog be constipated or have another puppy in her stomach?
Could be that, or she could have a dead pup rotting away inside her causing a very nasty infection that will kill her if you don't get your dog in to the vet for a check up..now. If you are going to allow your dog to breed, at least give your dog proper vet care after whelping, and asking on here doesn't qualify as vet care. add:Since theres no vets on here, and no one can see your dog to correctly answer your question, you'll only get speculations as to what the problem is, with helpful advice to do the best thing for the dog. Your add-on does nothing to help your case, anyone who has a dog..stray or otherwise, and allows it to whelp, needs to take on the responsibility of vet care..period.

Alline Alline
Try pumpkin pie filling. Not too much though- you don't want to end up with the runs. It would depend on his size. But, if you gave him a whole tablespoon of olive oil and he doesn't have explosive diarrhea, he's either 100+ lbs or constipated badly enough that he should be brought to the vet.
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Uzal Uzal
1. give him a walk. this will loose the bowels and make it easier to go, as well as give him the urge to go. 2. give him some un-spiced pumpkin from the can. 3. give him lots of water, and take him out often. 4. switch to a high fiber food. see what your vet thinks. @Jennier, a little milk once might help, but dairy is not good for dogs, they are even more lactose intolerant then some humans.
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Rodney Rodney
I would get to a vet asap, It's a pupply and your chew on things, maybe a blockage.
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Rodney Originally Answered: olive oil, canned pumpkin, switch to wet food. as natural laxative for constipated puppy?
I have used the canned pumpkin. It really works well for both constipation as well as diarrhea. It just regulates the system. I have found it to be the best. Hope this helps! All the best;~)

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