Looking to gain weight quickly?

Looking to gain weight quickly? Topic: Looking to gain weight quickly?
October 15, 2019 / By Debbi
Question: I am a 20 year old male, 5'11", 153lbs last i checked (in june) So you can imagine i am fairly tall and skinny. It's not that I am ashamed of my body, but for personal reasons I would like gain some weight to be in at least above minimal healthy weight category (Also my metabolism is incredibly fast which doesn't help at all) My diet consists normally of 2 eggs with toast, Orange juice and cereal for breakfast, maybe a muffin or two depending on if i have any available. At lunch i usually have the usual garbage of Mcdonalds, Wendy's, BK, etc. the usual working man's lunch. And for Dinner it's mostly between 2-3 peices of chicken, pasta, Steak/Porkchops, you get the idea. I'm just wondering if there is any way i can change up my eating habits to help me gain weight at all? I've tried weight gaining shakes and they simply do not work for me, they work for other people i know, but just not me.. Thanks in advance for any advice :)
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Briony Briony | 7 days ago
Well first can i say your so lucky to be able to eat what you want im always watching what i eat so i wont put on weight to loose weight i don't eat white bread pasta junk food fizzy drinks and biscuits so if you eat more food maybe snack in between meals like bar of choclate/bread sandwich maybe this cold help but remember loosing weight is a very slow process gaining could be the same for you hope it all works out :) ive heard so much about Wendy's some day im sure we ll get one here in ireland :-)
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Briony Originally Answered: How can I gain weight quickly?
That's absurd - if you want to gain weight, then do it the right way. Drinking 3 or 4 cokes and eating junk food is not the right way to gain weight. Increase your caloric intake with nutritious calorie-dense foods, such as: Nuts and nut butters Seeds and dried fruit Granola or trail mix Avocados Salmon Quinoa Eggs Whole wheat pasta Dark chocolate *Cook with oil, not wine (olive oil is healthy) *Add seeds and nuts to oatmeal, parfaits, smoothie bowls, and salads *Add nut butters to smoothies

Alica Alica
I'm 6'1 same weight and haven't found a way yet. Consider this post a bookmark. On a side note talking with people like us. Do you find that you don't enjoy eating? As if you only do it out of necessity. Would it be something you would skip if it wasn't necessary?
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Tyrrell Tyrrell
You should check this out this program that I use. It works amazing for me and I lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks. You can get more information here http://bit.ly/degrew783
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Rikki Rikki
all i can say just eat all you can tell mom to make u food and and pact it up try to high protein things like chicken and avocados. eat eat and eat try mexican food its pretty fattening :) i should know im mexican
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Rikki Originally Answered: How do I gain weight quickly?
Eat lots of carbs and high calorie foods, but maintain a good exercise routine otherwise you'll wind up with a lot of blubber instead of the good kind of weight, i.e. muscle. Eat pasta, rice, bread, lots of dairy, chicken, fish, and on occasion red meat (cut out processed meats, they're bad for you), along with fruits and vegetables. WORK OUT BY LIFTING WEIGHTS!! After workout, drink a protein shake. They sell good ready-made ones at Walgreens in the health section called Myoplex. The shake must be consumed 30 minutes post workout or else your time in the gym was for naught. Stay off junk food like potato chips, cookies, cakes, sweets, twinkies, chocolate, and definitely stay off soda. these foods have absolutely 0 nutritional value and severly damage your body further down the road. Ignore the idiots who advised you to eat at McDonalds and to eat junk food. They're probably lugging around rolls of belly fat right now. Keep this routine consistent and you will see results in a few short weeks.

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