How can people believe in evolution, but not believe in racial differences?

How can people believe in evolution, but not believe in racial differences? Topic: How can people believe in evolution, but not believe in racial differences?
September 19, 2019 / By Adela
Question: If evolution exists, then wouldn't that mean that humans would have different characteristics and traits along with those species such as dogs and horses who have different characteristics and traits from involving in different environments? I just don't believe that we are all the same genetically and that there has to be differences that exists whether a great amount of differences or small amount of differences. I don't believe in hatred towards any race and I don't advocate oppressing groups or any other kind of supremacy, but I do believe people of different races are indifferent to one another rather than the same. I don't think we have enough science data availiable to effectively determine how close or different the various human species really are. There are theories but not concrete facts. There has been scientific studies that have shown that putting a white person's organ in a black person or vice versa has a high rate of failure. There has also been studies that have shown that organs are actually different in humans, yes they are the same shape or so, but in size, they are actually different. For example, whites have a higher lung capacity than blacks, which has been proven in scientific studies. Humans also have different facial structures among other things that are observational.
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Taskill Taskill | 7 days ago
I think people assume that differences mean supremacy, that if there are differences, then there's a "master race", if you know what I mean. Of course that's nonsense - they didn't evolve to be superior, but to survive in their new environment. But they don't want to deal with a "master race", so they just deny race all together. Also I think people would rather try to unite than divide, even if it is intellectually dishonest to do so. Look at the other answers, they focus on similarities (btw, did you know humans genes are about 98.8% similar to chimps?) and ignore differences. Like the ones you've mentioned, and bone density, bone proportions, intelligence (though mentioning that one's a big no-no), likelihood of developing a particular disease, etc. Even diets. Some races can't handle certain food types as well as others. As far as the mentioning of scientists go, if you look at who says what, the more they deal with fluff work that doesn't really matter, the more likely they are to say race is a social construct. The anthropologists who study cultures are more likely to say social construct than anthropologists who deal with actual physical remains. And those physical anthropologists are more likely to say social construct than forensics experts who deal with crime and such, people whose work actually matters for the right here and now. I remember reading an article last year about one guy who came up with a DNA test that pointed to the person's race with 100% accuracy. Think about that - 100% accuracy. If race was a social construct, how could that be possible? But, anyway, the "there's no such thing as race" people just ignore differences and focus on similarities. Btw, I see you mentioned dogs. Did you know all dogs are the same species? Whether it's a 10lb Min Pin or an 200lb English mastiff, it's canis lupus familiaris. Keep that in mind, when someone says "we're all the same species" or "we're all humans." Also, back to your question, I wouldn't be surprised if some people resent being compared to animals.
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You have to understand that weight loss is more than 80% determined by diet, another 10% by genetics. Exercise really doesn't play as large of a role as you have been led to believe. Thats why all fitness programs insist that you follow a diet. Thats why you see all these obese people jogging, biking or doing extreme cardio at the gym for years. They don't change their eating habits. Adopt a proper diet and you will get amazing results. I recommend a primal diet as it is the easiest way to lose and maintain weight without counting calories or feeling deprived. There is no point in counting calories. They are not equal. Its the type that you eat and not how many. You eat delicious satisfying meals made of up nutrient dense foods which keep cravings under control. You can learn all about it on marks daily apples free article how to succeed with the primal blueprint and find free recipes on stalkerville.net, also check out wheat belly blog and authority nutrition. I'm 5'2'' and easily maintain 106 with over 2000 calories a day (its come out to that on days I've counted out of curiousity) and just light walking everyday + pilates/barre three times a week. If I begin to gain its not because of extra calories, its because I'm eating too much fruit and starches. As soon as I reduce them the few pounds come off in a few days. You don't even have to do a ketogenic diet if you are patient. You can do 50-100 NET carbs a day without counting calories, doing a ton of stressful cardio and still lose about 2 lbs a week. You don't even have to eat 100% primally, you can have smart indulgences and treats. I still eat some things that aren't primal but don't make me gain like beans or their products (example banza or explore asian pastas), full fat dairy, peanuts/pure peanut butter, stevia/erythritol sweeteners, low carb deserts like on all day i dream about foods blog etc... Just eat smart foods and smart exceptions when you are hungry and finish when you feel satisfied. For exercise, you don't need to do overrated heavy cardio. It will stress you, provoke hunger and it doesn't really deliver results. Just walk everyday from a slow to moderate pace. That is more than enough and healthier for your heart. Besides that focus on TONING. This is what makes the biggest difference after diet. When you tone you lose inches (not lbs) as you tighten and lift your body. You create lean muscle which has you burning more fat even when you are just sitting around or sleeping. Muscle eats fat. Lots of overrated intense cardio will never do that. I suggest pilates or barre. It is not stressful and its great for women. You will sculpt long lean muscles which are feminine and not thick/bulky/masculine like most of the women you see at crossfit for example. You can do barre3 online which is only 120$ for an entire years membership or 15$ a month. I highly recommend it. If you don't want to spend any money however, there are many amazing free youtube channels which offer pilates and barre videos. Some of the best are: Tracy Campoli, Blogilates, Tone it up, Ks perfect fitness tv, Andrea Ramirez, Jessica Smith Tv, Lauren Hefez, Xhitdaily, Sarah fit, Sean Vigue Fitness, Popsugarfitness, Befit, Livestrong women. All you need for pilates and barre online programs whether barre3 or free youtube vids are your body to use as resistance, a yoga/pilates mat, light weights or resistance bands, a pilates ball and a chair the majority of the time. All of this you either have or can purchase for very cheap at target. You can do it from a tablet or laptop in your own bedroom or living room. Just be patient, stick to this healthy lifestyle and you will eventually reach your goal without suffering. You will maintain it for life, stress free and happy as you should be!

Perry Perry
OK so while yes there is a degree of validity to the statement that the races are genetically different. It is not near enough of a degree to be considered a valid concept scientifically. Humanity has not spent long enough apart to breed much in the way of differences genetically and most differences tend to be due to culture such as diet or geographic such as climate. With certain exceptions humans of any race are genetically compatible. The O- blood from a Hispanic can be transfused to the O- body of an Asian or white or black, etc. *remember by any scientific standard humanity is all one species and any of the sub-groups can interbreed easily without any assistance* So while we may be different, we are one species and have not genetically drifted enough to be evolutionarily noticeable So yeah we're different..in some ways We're alike in a vastly greater number of other ways
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Lucky Lucky
Evolution is not an exact science but it's a start. Disregarding means also disregarding ethnic groups of every country like the mayans, aztec etc. I've been to Wesleyan University for 10 years studying the bible is a requirement there (5 days 1hr a day every week for primary and secondary school and 2 years 3 hour a week for tertiary whatever course are you taking, excludng chapel hour. It's all about just beliving.... . I've even learn that if Mary and Joseph still exist today Joseph is gonna be in prison and Mary will be taken by the social services. Even things that are not written in the bible were discuss in there, covenant of abraham etc.... but they never really give logical explanation on things that remains a grey area to us.
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Jedidiah Jedidiah
Humans, all humans, evolved out of Africa and spread across the globe. The differences we see among the races were developed over time as peoples with certain similar genes bred with each other, after so many generations these differences became more pronounced. The same holds true for canines and other animals. Dogs are descendants of wolfs, and it is the breeding for desired traits that has created the differences in the breeds of dogs we see today. There may be many differences between the races of humans, but we are ALL of the same species! We are capable of mating with each other, and we often do! It is the differences between the races that gives us our strength as a species and insures our continued survival. Specifically, we are not all the same genetically, one gene turns on dark skin, another turns on red hair, yet another turns on blue eyes. However, generally speaking we ARE all the same, we all have two eyes, two legs, ears in the same place, ten toes/fingers, etc..., and even though there are differences in our genes, they are still compatible with each other regardless of race! There are many races of humans, but we are all of one species!
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Gareth Gareth
My bible speak it self from Adam and Eve and Noah sons which they say one of them are black brown white as Shem is brown and Ham as black and the other one as white because there name in Hewbrew shows that to what I heard, so it makes since. In evolution they kind a teach people are different in some degree because they traditionally made classification which I see why people become more racist. The question is, if we that different, then why a half black and half white baby. So that one thing you need to get your fact straight. Another thing, I don't believed in stupid evolution. Creationist science says that there’s no race and we all the same, but evolution says there’s race but there some difference or whatever. Race is a meaning of separation of different people that God had created and the lie’s from hell. I do believed that 99.99 % as in humans are the same as maybe around 1 or 2% different but like really small percentages lol and not allot lol…
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Derryl Derryl
Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Humans) are all a sub species of Homo Sapien. Homo Sapiens are extinct The two sub Species of Homo Sapiens Homo sapiens idaltu- extinct Homo sapiens sapiens- 6.5 billion worldwide Today we are simply one species because the other sub species and the original species no longer exitst so we are simply the one species Race is man made term to tell the different skin tones and there is no clear races Cuacasaian Mogloid and *******. OK so who come Pakistanis and Chinses look different what are Arabs Native Americans Native Asians and Native Australasians who look like Africans Thats how you know race is not something scientific. We are not different we are all the same speiceis other wise we would not be able to have mixed raced people. The main thing to humans is culture and were have thousands and many of the soo called races share similar cultures within their races which today is the reason to why we think we are different by race its because us a humans are animals with culture and culture which varies along with skin tones and body characteristics which varies hand in hand to these skin tones has brought on these ideas of races being different resulting in things like racism. Like brothers and sisters we act different but are one family
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Derryl Originally Answered: would this qualify as a prediction based on evolution?
It's a classic case of natural selection in action, consistent with the theory of evolution. Of course ignorant people will start saying adaptation is not evolution. Oh well.

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