What food to eat if you have constipation?

What food to eat if you have constipation? Topic: What food to eat if you have constipation?
October 23, 2019 / By Christi
Question: I know you should eat and drink more water, and grains, but could you give you me some recommendation for healthy, nutritious, and high in fiber, low in sodium food or snack? Also, how does constipation occur? i have been constipating for about 1 week, and i am taking medication from doctor, i need a faster way to cure it, so i could be back on the track.
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Ava Ava | 5 days ago
The best long term cure I've found is a primarily vegetarian diet, plenty of water, some probiotics, proper weight management, and lots of daily exercise. This is kind of my "cures what ails ya" strategy. Works for just about everything. Things have been working smoothly ever since. What causes constipation is a bit complicated. Has to do with diet and flora (bacteria) balance in the intestine.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constipatio...
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Ava Originally Answered: What food will prevent constipation?
if basically all you eat now is vegetables, i can tell you for sure, it's NOT food that's causing it.from my painful experience i can tell you that lack of physical exercise, stress and a chaotic lifestyle are killers to the body. i say you sleep at night, eat at the right hours, exercise, organise your life, and be moderate in everything. that's gonna fix a lot. i've already been through it for about 10 years. i'm fine now only because it turned so bad that i got scared. so i've changed almost all my basic routines. and most of all, go see a doctor !!! don't play around. if it's taking so long, it's serious.

Abby Abby
My doctor told me use Metamusil daily its natural and you can get it sugar free.. also i put bran in my salads drink lots of water You can also get Bran snack bars
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Steph Steph
not a food ...but stool softener Also, relax, have a hot drink in the morning and when you try to go, put your feet up a little, like a short stool
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Paddy Paddy
Don't eat for awhile, give your system a chance to take care of what is already there. Beans and Raisin Bran.
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Paddy Originally Answered: Solid Food/Juices? Constipation?
my son's dr. has him on pear juice mixed into his formula to help stop constipation from his formula. he is 2 months old, if that helps. if you don't want to try juices you could offer fresh fruit puree it works too. juice works better though. it has something to do with the natural sugars in fresh/ uncooked fruit that does the trick. This is what my pediatrician explained to me. My daughters would get severe diarrhea when they had any uncooked fruit or fruit juice.

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