burning bellly fat questions?

burning bellly fat questions? Topic: burning bellly fat questions?
June 18, 2019 / By Briony
Question: i heard that cocunut oil is good for belly fat? is that true, and how do u use it? i have the same question about CLA vitamins too, what foods burn belly fat too? btw im exercising as well
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Alica Alica | 9 days ago
you wasting your time with these vitamins foods or any other supplements there are no short cuts to weight loss, you have to exercise exercise and more exercise. To lose belly fat you have to reduce your overall % body fat, each time you burn fat it could be from your stomach, legs, back anywhere lol only way to really lose belly fat is to lose all fat together :s do cardio + diet
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Alica Originally Answered: A few questions about burning fat?
Statistics show that cardio in the morning is the most effective. Depending on your fitness level, eating before or after can have different effects. If you just want to burn fat, eating after is better. Your body will use up calories in stored fat cells first, it will take some time for your meal's calories to even be used. Proteins are much better suited to boost metabolism but I would choose greens that are high in water content. Spinach is my favourite in this category. Check out the link below from my Favourites. I am not too sure about spice being a booster.

Tyrrell Tyrrell
The game Dance Dance Revolution is a fun way to burn calories if you like dancing, and don't feel like just dancing. I set a time to play for a half hour a day, and ended up playing for close to three hours a day because it was so much fun... lol. My Playstation wire broke :( so I haven't been able to play in a few months, but I loved it. Just about everything you do burns some amount of calories even simple things such as cleaning your house burns calories. Right now I play a few mild games of basketball with some friends, or go for a long walk for exercise(I can't run due to hurting my ankle really bad when I was younger.. DDR was helping to strengthen my ankle again, but now that I can't play it, my ankle will swell up if I try to do anything too rough then it hurts for at least two weeks =/ ). Any active interests you have do those things when you have time, whether its sports, dancing, walking, rollerblading, skateboarding, etc, etc.. It's all good for burning calories.
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Rikki Rikki
Go to youtube.com and type in Dr. Neal Barnard. He has a lot of videos you can watch. I recommend his series of 4 short videos. Total time less than an hour.
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Mervin Mervin
alcohol has calories too you know sub three drinks a week for lighter versions to drop a pound a year
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Jordyn Jordyn
identify the emotional triggers that lead you to seek unhealthy comfort food picture your goal weight the next time a trigger strikes to help you resist temptation
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