What are some good tips to lose belly fat?

What are some good tips to lose belly fat? Topic: What are some good tips to lose belly fat?
November 17, 2019 / By Moe
Question: Yeah so I'm at a pretty healthy weight for my age and size, my BMI is 19.5. I simply want to lose some of that excess belly fat so I have a better bathing suit body and such. What are some good tips? I decided this all 4 days ago, so I can't say how my so-far-methods are going. What I'm doing for now is walking for about 30 minutes, 20-30 sit-ups, 20-30 leg-ups (where you lay flat on the floor and raise your feet about 6 inches) for 20 seconds each, and I watch what I eat. I haven't been starving myself nor have I only been eating salads and fruits. I've been eating less "junk" food and drinking less sodas, eating smaller portions more often (about every 4 hours is what I read), and yeah... pretty much it. So your thought, opinions, and TIPS are requested! Thank you all! :)
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Kasey Kasey | 4 days ago
How to get rid of the Fat Belly!!! If you want to lose weight in your belly you have to lose it throughout. The best way to lose the fat in the stomach area is by proper diet and exercise. Here are some tips for what should be done and what should not be done to reduce your belly fat. To read it check out http://www.medimanage.com/my-weight/articles/how-to-get-rid-of-the-fat-belly.aspx
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Kasey Originally Answered: Weight loss tips or strategies to lose belly fat?
Hi Daniella, Trying to reduce unwanted weight and belly fat has not really been easy with some people due to their body composition, but with determination and following the weight loss and belly program, you will be able to achieve your desired result. Bear in mind that its a gradual process. You cannot achieve it just immediately but doing what you are supposed to do will lead to positive result. All you need to do is to discipline yourself. Its very important. Eat balanced diet but eat when you are hungry. Try and eat fruits, vegetables and drink more water. Also, try to reduce fatty food going into your system, reduce sugar intake, soda, chocolate, ice cream, etc. Do regular exercise either in the house or outside. Fit in your exercise time into your daily schedule. If it means waking up early, do so that you can exercise your body. You can stomach exercise continuously and your belly fat will come down. Good luck
Kasey Originally Answered: Weight loss tips or strategies to lose belly fat?
eat breakfast there have been so many studies done that show that people who eat breakfast lose more weight

Haward Haward
In my opinion, based on your weight and height you don't have much fat. But you can convert that fat into muscles. I would get on the treadmill first and jog for about 30 to 45 minutes do some resistance training on the machines or using dumb bells, then do some sit ups and stretch at the end. Start slow, don't push yourself too hard but maintain a good program like every other day. Also, watch your diet. Try eating fresh food that you make yourself with lots of vegetables. Avoid fast food whenever possible. Hope this was helpful. I think you have plenty of time to do this.
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Elifaz Elifaz
I've tried many diets and couldn't make anything work. Since having my first child, I've been carrying around an extra 30 pounds. This diet just made sense and showed me that everything I was doing before was wrong and a waste of my time. The plan was so refreshing and so simple to follow. I did everything plan said and lost 23 pounds in the first three weeks. I'm now starting the diet again to lose 7 more pounds. This plan has changed my life. Get started today!
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Elifaz Originally Answered: What is a good way to lose belly fat?
jogging is an excellent exercise because it let you lose weight evenly throughout your whole body. If you want to lose weight in specific areas, you should target them with exercises. If they are your problem areas, they will be very difficult to tone. You will have to work double on them. The best approach is this: 1. Lower/control your daily calorie intake (control for normal weight, lower for overweight). 2. Run/jog to lower your overall body fat percentage. 3. Target your problem areas with exercises. an excellent exercise, you can do it in front of your TV: sit on a stool, and put your toes under something (piece of heavy furniture, for example). In your hands hold a little dumbbell. Please, make sure that it is not very heavy, start with one kilo, for example, or you will damage your back and spine! Slowly move the upper part of your body back, until it's parallel with the ground. Stop for a second and move it back to the sitting position. Repeat ten times. Every week add to the number of repetitions. You will see the results in a week, guaranteed! You will see or feel under the fat - if you have any - six pack and muscles. Dumbbells do wonders. Much better than these crunches - I came up to three hundreds and there was no results AT ALL. With the dumbbells you will see it in a week.

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