how do i know if food is healthy?

how do i know if food is healthy? Topic: how do i know if food is healthy?
October 14, 2019 / By Amy
Question: im trying to eat healthy, and exercise to lose some weight. any tips? im not sure what to look at..calories? i have a high metabolism, so i can eat and not gain weight. but had a baby about 2 months ago.
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Wayland Wayland | 10 days ago
I second reading "In Defense of Food" - excellent information and a great eye-opener. I am also linking to "The World's Healthiest Foods" - a free information site about different foods and their nutritional values. It's a science-based non-commercial site, no bogus advertisements or anything like that. Just the facts. Plus good recipes.
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Wayland Originally Answered: When healthy food is cheaper than junk food, why don't people choose to eat healthy? Healthy food is cheaper--
Actually, to whomever believes frozen vegetables are less healthy than fresh, that's not really so. In fact, farmers typically sell their absolute best and ripest to the frozen food companies so it will be at its peak when frozen. Freezing doesn't really compromise the nutrients as much as it stops the decay process. Fresh produce, on the other hand, is only good if it was grown locally. If you have to ship it far, it has to be picked that much sooner and it has to sit decaying that much longer. To answer the question, I DON'T KNOW! It seems ridiculous that people would eat crap and then complain about how they feel. The calories in a bag of Cheetos might be cheaper than those in an apple, but you'll pay dearly for those calories in the long run.

Saladin Saladin
Basically, you want to avoid most, if not all, processed foods. I always tell this to everyone who is trying to lose weight. Just eat like the cavemen! You know that apples grow on trees, but where did your Pop Tart come from? If your answer is 'Aisle 7', then that is a perfect example of what I mean by processed foods. - Lentils - Whole wheat everything! - Lots of water - Green tea (drink it hot though) - Lean protein, I like thinly sliced turkey - Almonds - Macedamia Nuts - Pistacchios - 1% Milk - Liquid Egg Whites (fat free, no cholesterol) - Baby Spinach, Arugula - Couscous - Boneless, skinless chicken breast Don't buy into the 'fat free', 'low fat', 'low calorie' products. Often times after the fat has been eliminated, extra additives are placed into the product to make up for the lost fat and calories. These are very bad additives and result in weight gain, so the cycle starts all over again. Just eat cleanly. Avoid junk food and soda as well.
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Murdy Murdy
Haha, I recognise. Actually you'll be able to get used to the style of healthful meals and develop to find it irresistible larger than junk. It's due to the fact that we're educated to search out sugar and fats due to the fact that it is scarce in healthful meals -- nonetheless surely now we've got manner an excessive amount of within the kind of processed meals.
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Kenelm Kenelm
Read what I have linked in my sources. It's the introduction to the book "in defence of food" by Michael Pollan. It will explain how to healthy, in a simple way, and it's well written.
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Kenelm Originally Answered: When healthy food is cheaper than junk food, why don't people choose to eat healthy? Healthy food is cheaper--
As a mother of 4 children, I may have to disagree with you to a certain extent. If you eliminate junk food from your diet, you save tons of money, leaving money to buy healthier food. BUT the fact is boneless, skinless chicken breast is almost $5 dollars per lb, and chicken thighs are $1.59 per pound. Ground sirloin is 2x the price of ground chuck, fresh fish is very costly, 7 grain bread is almost 3x the price as a loaf of plain white, get a salad at McD's with grilled chicken..almost 5 bucks, where are a double cheese burger is 1. Those damn baked potato chips are so expensive compared to the traditional fried. The fact is if we stop buying cookies, cake, icecream, soda, chips, and candy, we can afford to buy plenty of fruit, veggies, and lean meats. But most American families eat that junk, making them unable to afford good quality, nutritious food.

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