Does the atkins diet work?

Does the atkins diet work? Topic: Does the atkins diet work?
July 20, 2019 / By Mickey
Question: i need to loose about 20 pounds (my target is by the end of april, beginning of may) and i have been considering trying the atkins, i just want to get some feedback before engaging in it, i do a lot of walking (at least a mile a day, sometimes more) but i don't have time to go to the gym so are there any benefits from this if I start this diet??? thanx...
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Jude Jude | 9 days ago
DR ATKINS DID NOT DIE OF A HEART ATTACK OR HEART DISEASE!!!!!! Yes Atkins works. It is NOT A DIET. IT IS A WAY OF LIFE. You DO eat carbs!!!! You eat GOOD ones!!! How do you think people ate before all this processed sugar laden crap came around??? Meat, eggs, veggies and fruits!!! You DO eat carbs!!! HEALTHY ONES!! You add more carbs in with each phase. You DO eventually add breads in. Whole grain ones which are better for you even if you aren't eating low carb. You DO eat fruits! You start to add different ones in on the different phases. For GREAT low carb support check out this Bulliten board. Most of the people on there are great!!! There is tons of advice from people that have been eating low carb for YEARS lost weight and kept it off! There are also tons of great recipes on there. The poster above needs to look at the website and see that people DO have energy with this way of life. I along with tons of others have MORE energy than when eating this way! http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/ Also, please get the book and read it. You can find it very cheap on half.com along with the orig. 1972 version!
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Jude Originally Answered: Does the atkins diet work!?!?
this diet works wonderfully for all body types but the human body is not meant to live without any carbs at all. they have proven this diet to be somewhat dangerous. google it before you diet. i personally suggest one small serving of bread every 2 to 3 days instead of cutting it out completely. you will see results very quickly.

Harper Harper
The Atkins Diet is a good program. Combined with your walking efforts you will have a winning combination. There is an audio book version of the Atkins diet you can download to your mp3 player or ipod and listen while you walk.
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Eldis Eldis
Just like the poster above said, it is not ideal because of the fat intake. The other main thing is the low carb intake. You can take in low carbs, but it is not ideal for a lifestyle change. If you want to do something similar to Atkins, excluding the fat intake, carb cycle. Bacially Sunday Monday and Tuesday, you may want to take in 120 grams of carbs and the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, take in 75 grams or less. It will keep your body on its toes. The numbers I used are just random numbers. Use different ones depending what your long term goals are and how you can function properly.
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Carroll Carroll
The Atkins diet doesn't work because you can eat bread or any other carbs that provide the energy that your body uses. Without these carbs, you really don't have enough energy to burn if you do any exercises. I would suggest that you eat healthy foods and do plenty of exercise if you want to lose weight.
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Allger Allger
Please choose another diet... Seriously, that guy died of heart attack... If you want a safer alternative, you can try the Montignac (low-carb, high protein) diet, equivalent but without excessive fat. The weight loss is faster than for a traditionnal diet at the beginning but eventually the results are equivalent. People report no hunger in this diet, but fatigue is sometimes reported. But I would not try this if you have kidney problems, as high protein diets are heavy on kidneys.
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Teale Teale
Yes it works very well, however if you cheat a little it won't work at all, you'll just be spinning your wheels. If you are serious get some KETO sticks from the druggist and you can monitor your progress. You should ask your Doctor if there is any medical reason you shouldn't try it.
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Ronalda Ronalda
yes, if you want to die of heart disease. these diets are high in fat and cholesterol, both of which are bad for you at high levels. I have never met a dietician (and I have worked with three) who did not hate Atkins. Besides, he was a fat man who died of heart disease, is that who you should take advice from?
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Ronalda Originally Answered: Have you tried the Atkins Diet?
Yes - been doing it for many years now. I lost probably about 30 lbs. It's just so great to get off the sugar. But for a long time what you try to do is keep eating in the same way you were eating before - that's with stuff like the snack bars and stuff like that. Really... the trick is to leave that stuff behind. Atkins can be pretty cheap. Look for good, cheap cuts of meat at the store - and make a big soup in a slow cooker. Learn to have a little hamburger... and that's all. Have a nice green salad once a day. Actually you need very little food to survive - and since Atkins food is real stuff, it actually feeds you. You feel fairly satisfied. It cuts down on cravings quite a lot. Get a used copy of "New Diet Revolution" off of Amazon Books - this is stuff that you really have to learn while you're younger - and practice it all your life. Nothing is perfect - so you're going to fall off the diet from time to time. But it will show you what actual "food" is.... and what junk food is. The funny part is how terrified people are of Atkins.... they think it's going to kill you instantly. It's not. It's what you were meant to eat to begin with. But people want to keep feeding you the garbage - and they call it a "balanced diet".

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