Home remedies for constipation?

Home remedies for constipation? Topic: Home remedies for constipation?
October 18, 2019 / By Mervin
Question: What are some good home remedies for constipation THAT WORK, other than prune juice (I already have that) and water? 'Cause I'm locked up solid! Drinking tons of water, and it's not working. Please help! Thanks in advance....
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Best Answers: Home remedies for constipation?

Jordyn Jordyn | 2 days ago
yeah its not comfortable is it. Coconut milk Orange Juice Jaaps Salts - http://www.expresschemist.co.uk/product_...
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Jordyn Originally Answered: What are some home remedies for constipation?
Drink lots and lots of herbal teas. Hot herbal tea first thing in the morning often helps. Stay away from tea and coffee as these are quite constipating naturally. Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables....make sure you get your five a day. Eat wholemeal or wholegrain bread. avoid white bread. You could try prune juice in the morning or canned prunes in juice or any soft snack prunes with your cereal.....make sure it is a high fibre cereal. Dried fruits as snacks may also help.......figs, apricots, dates, prunes, etc. But go easy on these for your teeth sake. Chew xylitol gum afterwards and brush your teeth if you can do so. You can try these alone if you cannot afford to pay for supplements. A cheap old-fashioned supplement [can get from a pharmacy] that might help is epsom salts....a 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon first thing in a morning in a little hot water. But hot herbal tea alone might do the job.

Hanani Hanani
Psyllium fibre - with liquid (available for cheap at health food stores) Move around a lot. Try lying on your back and curling your legs into your torso repeatedly, or just walk around!
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Edmund Edmund
OMG! I remember that happened to my kid, I called everyone Grandmas' niegbors, friends. When I was at the end of his rope 2 days later poor baby :( my toddler was much to young for laxatives I who use med only as a last resort even thought of that. I spoke to his doctor Dr said to give him a table spoon of MINERAL OIL a day. It worked like NOTHING ELSE. My toddler was so happy and of cousre relived. Hope it works for you. 8D
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Camden Camden
you didn,t state your age but a fast cure to get rid of your constipation is to have a enema of plain warm water,you can give ourself a enema or have it given to you better if it is given to you,it only takes a few minutes and you will feel much better in a short period of time..lots of ppl have had enemas and your not alone in having one.. trust me the enema is the be
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Algar Algar
FIGS (dried) two or three boiled in full cup of milk, drink and eat luke warm just before going to bed.
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Algar Originally Answered: Home remedies for constipation?
yeah its not comfortable is it. Coconut milk Orange Juice Jaaps Salts - http://www.expresschemist.co.uk/product_...

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