How can I hide my weight loss from my parents?

How can I hide my weight loss from my parents? Topic: How can I hide my weight loss from my parents?
January 28, 2020 / By Zerah
Question: They're idiots and they think anything under 150 (I'm 5'2", so 150 would be unhealthily overweight for me) is too skinny. I've never even been close to 150 >.< But I do want to lose a little weight so I'll be happier with myself. Just... how do I hide it from my parents? I have a year until college and I don't want to wait a whole year before I can be happy with my appearance.
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Skyler Skyler | 2 days ago
found u a story about that freshman 15 weight problem and how to prevent it and weight loss for teens that talks about that issue...see below just make sure your vocabulary is about "health" and "fitness" not lose weight or fat.
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Skyler Originally Answered: How do i hide large cuts on my thighs?
ugh. it really does annoy me when people just put 'stop cutting' etc.. it's not that simple and it drives me crazy! + they say about seeing a doctor. neither of these are actually answering your question! Anyway. i am also a cutter and i have 'FAT' cut into my thighs, it's really difficult to not draw attention to it because if you don't cover it then obviously people are going to see it but even if you use something to cover it, people still ask what happened. DO NOT use make-up, if you have new cuts then it just infects them and makes them all nasty + as your in water it would probably just wash off. I recommend using lotion on them to get rid of the redness and then try some sort of band aid/ plaster (preferably waterproof!) people may ask why you have the band aid but i guess it better than them seeing whats on your leg.. just say you scraped it on something? Hope i helped. Good luck hun!

Ormond Ormond
Do you experimented Dr.Ozs Garcinia Cambogia? Proceed to from here : http://Help.PureGarciniaGet.com . This would obviously likely work for your needs!
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Leighton Leighton
if you re cooking food in the microwave chances are you re eating unhealthy packaged foods if you must microwave consider soy chicken patties veggie burgers or steamer vegetables and brown rice
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Jadyn Jadyn
when picking up your kids from school get out of the car and greet them with a hug instead of waiting in the car curbside
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Fintan Fintan
As one who has been a child and one who is a parent, I highly doubt your parents are idiots. As for the weight loss, they will likely notice if they are as attune to you as what you say. Also, I'm not going to help you be deceptive.
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Fintan Originally Answered: My Parents Never Buy Healthy Food?
Wow that sounds awful ): Are you sure this isn't neglect? If your under 18 your parents are still required to provide for you, which it doesn't sound like their totally doing. Do you have a job? If not you could get one to pay for your own food. Have you told your parents about what this junk is doing to them in the long term? If you have a really convincing argument I bet they'll give in and stop spending money on other things and maybe focus on the necessities a bit more. Have you tried convincing your mom to get a better job? Or get food stamps? I'm guessing you could probably find some healthy stuff there... (if you qualify) If none of this works, look on the bright side, it's your senior year so you essentially only have to live there another year! Good luck (:

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