Is it okay to prank a pregnant girl with laxatives?

Is it okay to prank a pregnant girl with laxatives? Topic: Is it okay to prank a pregnant girl with laxatives?
September 19, 2019 / By Briar
Question: My friend has terrible room mates who eat all of her sorbet. We were thinking of putting laxatives in it and letting them eat it. The pregnant woman in question smokes (not just cigarettes) and does all sorts of drugs while being pregnant. While we don't want to be responsible for the death of the baby, we all feel like it's going to happen. And she ate our sorbet and hot pockets. She ate the food BEFORE she was pregnant. And before you accuse us of attempting to hurt a baby, the point of asking was because we DO NOT want to hurt the baby, NOR ANYONE. That's why we're asking instead of just going ahead and doing it. We just want to teach her a lesson to stop stealing our food.
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Alexus Alexus | 4 days ago
Lol this would have been great if it was safe. I give you props on checking if it is safe for her before doing it. Good job. Just get her to use up all of their stuff. OMG!!! LOL people here are over the top and have no sense of humor. Bitter old people.
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Alexus Originally Answered: Pregnant and Constipation.best Laxatives while pregnant!?
Prunes. It is not safe to use medical/chemical laxatives during pregnancy as they can cause cramping, or diaharrea. Drink a lot of water (try a gallon a day), eat lots of fruit (try a big bowl of fresh berries and melons for breakfast) and increase whole grain/ bran intake. Oatmeal, wheat bran and flaxseed are all good choices. I'm 37 weeks, and I haven't had a problem with constipation yet, but I follow all the above.

Tyler Tyler
To even ask this question shows how little your minds are leave the pregnant girl alone and get a life
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Ricky Ricky
NO! Laxatives can cause miscarriage or send her into labor. Grow up and leave the pregnant woman alone.
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Merrick Merrick
Pregnant women need the nutrients, not just for themselves either. Giving her laxitives can derive her & the baby, alot from the daily intake of things they need. Dont be a ******* *** hole
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Joram Joram
No, it isn't. Many laxatives aren't safe for pregnancy and she could become severely dehydrated from resulting diarrhea.
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Joram Originally Answered: Pregnant and constipated badly, laxatives not working, help?
Common problem. Your gastrointestinal fluid absorption is all messed up right now. Certainly try drinking more water, but obviously bladder capacity and need to frequently urinate may make you reluctant to do that as well. Anxiety is common too. The slow deep breathing you may be learning for delivery can help with these jitters. Your obstetrician may be willing to prescribe an inexpensive stool softener like Colace (docusate)--it is not a laxative. Any drug is suspect in pregnancy, but there are no known-for-sure issues with Colace in pregnancy and it has been around for a while. Some obstetricians will prescribe it. Others may not though, so all you can do is ask what your obstetrician recommends for you. You can call and leave a message for something like this. Some practices would handle it over the phone; others may need to see you first. I'm sorry you're having a tough time. Good luck. Day by day. Week by week. You'll get there.

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