My mother has LUPUS is this the best medication for her? HELP!?

My mother has LUPUS is this the best medication for her? HELP!? Topic: My mother has LUPUS is this the best medication for her? HELP!?
November 14, 2019 / By Wymund
Question: My mother has lupus and she is suffering. She has chronic sinus infections as well as high blood pressure, headaches, she is also quite swollen. The doctor prescribed her paquinal 200mg, warfarin sod 6mg, nifedical xl 60mg, and univasc 15mgs. Are these the best medications to deal with lupus and high blood pressure?
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Best Answers: My mother has LUPUS is this the best medication for her? HELP!?

Shay Shay | 7 days ago
My daughter has Lupus, so I think your mother has been giving the medications with the worst side effects there is. Go to womentowomen.com this is the best online medical advice for women. When on medications that do not make you better change them. You are in charge not the doctor. Medications can be a good thing, but they can KILL YOU with the many SIDE EFFECTS. Doctors will change your medications when you let them know you are not feeling well taking certain one medications. You can also talk to your PHARMACY to ask are some of the medications interfering with each other. Other than talking to your DOCTOR, PHARMACIST; you can ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR HEALTH at WOMENTOWOMEN.COM.
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Niles Niles
I used to be identified with SLE in October 1994. Fortunately for me, my case is moderate. However, Lupus broken the liner of my lungs so I have shortness of breath and approximately 60% lung potential. I take 2 medicinal drugs to manage the infection: prednisone and plaquenil. The medical professionals have no idea if Lupus will also be handed from guardian to youngster or if it runs in households. My mom had a cousin with the ailment however none of my near family have it. If your mom used to be simply identified, she has most commonly been dwelling with the ailment for a even as. Lupus is most often tricky to diagnose. Make definite your mom is seeing a well rheumatologist. The medical professional will most commonly verify your mom's kidneys to ensure they're functioning appropriately. If she is having quandary respiring, she's going to have got to have lung position checks to degree her respiring potential. Your mom will have durations whilst she is bodily worn out. I do not know approximately natural cures for Lupus. The primary factor with Lupus is the infection. It can assault the joints, organs, dermis. If your mom wishes to take natural cures that is nice, however I might now not endorse treating Lupus with natural cures on my own.
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Konnor Konnor
Listen to the doctor. Lupus is a very difficult disease to manage. No two patients have the exact same set of symptoms. A drug that works for one person may not work for another. Plaquenil is standard. It helps prevent flares. Wafarin is a blood thinner. It will help prevent strokes and heart attacks. I am not sure about the other medications. You can read about them at webmd.com. No one knows the BEST medication. That is because lupus is so unpredictable. Let your mom and her doc handle this.
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