Can a strenuous bowel movment send you into labor?

Can a strenuous bowel movment send you into labor? Topic: Can a strenuous bowel movment send you into labor?
October 14, 2019 / By Tiarnan
Question: So I've been constipated for about the last three days and each time I have a bowel movement, it's very hard and painful. I had one about thirty minutes ago and it was very tough and I was probably pushing too hard. Since then my stomache has been very hard and i've had cramping pain in my lower belly. I'm 39 weeks along and I was wondering if htis might be the beginning of contractions?
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Radley Radley | 8 days ago
Not to the best of my knowledge, usually when labour is imminent you will get very loose bowel movements, it's your body's way of gearing up for the big show and cleaning itself out so to speak.
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Mark Mark
actually yeah, it could be. i gave birth to my son after having a huge thanksgiving dinner, because same thing as you i pushed really hard to get that bowel movement outta there and then right after that my water broke and contractions started. if the contractions don't go away you should call your doctor just to be on the safe side..
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Jerijah Jerijah
No, pooping too hard won't start contractions, but it will give you hemorrhoids. Just take a breath, I think you may be a little anxious to give birth, but that's okay, all pregnant women get that way.
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Gifard Gifard
no your body doesnt really work that way. the baby will come when its ready, plus when your body is getting ready to go into labor it tries to clear your bowels out for you
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Donaghy Donaghy
It replaced into consumer-friendly for me. I had triplets two times and in spite of the actuality that there replaced right into a c-section for all of them, i individually did that mutually as i replaced into getting the c-section as quickly as. i'm unsure why, i think i replaced into pushing because of the fact of contractions earlier. i did no longer understand until the nurse mentioned it after. that's no longer embarrassing believe me. nicely, i replaced into embarrassed because of the fact it replaced right into a c-section, yet no longer for long. you will no longer care lots in the process the exertions. They see it on a daily basis.
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