whats a good place for a first date?

whats a good place for a first date? Topic: whats a good place for a first date?
July 20, 2019 / By Thutmosis
Question: im thinking about asking the girl i like out for the first time.whats a good place to go. we are 15. and if i feel it, is it ok to kiss?
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Radcliff Radcliff | 6 days ago
Movies are not good places for first dates because you don't really get to talk to the person and get to know them. Take her our for ice cream and then go to the park swings or go listen to a live band or something ;) Below are some of my most memorable first dates ;) best of luck o, and if you feel it's right then kiss her. try a peck first and read her reaction. Don't be offended if she rejects you or doesn't get as intense as you would have hoped. Some girls aren't the kiss-on-the-first-date type :) ice cream and park a museum bowling arcade coffee
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Radcliff Originally Answered: Good place to go on a date?
Well, you could go to the park and have a picnic. That would be super fun and you could talk all you want. Also you could go bike riding and that would also be fun. Or, even better, you could go bike riding THEN have a picnic! :D You would also be getting some exercise which would be fun. You could also just take a drive. Who knows where to, just a drive. Or a walk in the forest or maybe go to a zoo. What would also be fun is to just stay at home and bake cookies and watch your favorite movies. There are endless possibilities. :)

Manny Manny
First date, dinner and movie. Or Icecream/movie, movie icecream, or a baseball game/sporting event so you can talk a little bit (make sure you do something so you can talk) Ya it's ok to kiss, if you are feeling it, make sure you let him know you want to because guys are stupid (im one of them) and don't pick up on signs very well. Holding his hand is a good sign to him that you want to kiss him especially if you do it walking to your door or something.
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Jeriah Jeriah
To the movies, very traditional and its easy to ask out. You can just be like "Oh i wanna see blah blah, we should go see it sometime." Its not too intimate or romantic,it'll be perfect! And kiss during romantic or slow scenes :P
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Gid Gid
what about a cemetery,she will feel safe because you have people around you and it's nice and quiet so you can talk.
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Gid Originally Answered: Seem good first date ideas?
Bowling sounds good for first date. Allows for chances to talk and room to move around. Then eat CiCi's after or something like that (a cheap food place).

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