High protein, no carb diet?

High protein, no carb diet? Topic: High protein, no carb diet?
January 18, 2020 / By Sherwood
Question: okay so im going on the high protein no carb diet (and i mean NO carbs so dont worry about all that energy stuff ill find the enerfy somehow) and i want to know what does it do for you? does it take all your fat and turn it into muscle? heres what i plan on eating while on this diet chicken salad vegetables(ones with very low carbs) water fish eggs nuts(just a few) Feel free to add more so based on this do you think that i will lose weight,i am 5'11 and weigh about 195 and need to get 150, so how long do you think it will take? okay sure with a little carbs but not too much so how long will it take?
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Nun Nun | 8 days ago
going low-carb will be healthier than going no-carb. Your body needs carbs but some people can't have a lot. I am on a low-carb, high-protein diet per my doctor because I am hypoglycemic. I found this website just now while I was researching stuff for you. I also think It's probably really really hard to avoid carbs, almost everything has them. Chicken's meat doesn't have it but what you cook it in probably does. Anyway, here is the site I found for you: http://www.ehow.com/way_5463619_carb-die... It says the reason low-carb or no-carb diets don't work is because people eat too little. It also says not to cut your carbs out completely and replace it with nothing, if you're going to replace it use lots of meat. You can read more on the site and good luck.
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Nun Originally Answered: Low Carb & High Protein diet.?
maybe you should look at south beach it focuses on good carbs but like any good diet everything in moderation. You can even start in phase 2 if you want to and still lose weight.

Lane Lane
Hey, I assume that you're looking for a high protein diet which allows some carbs. The zone diet has a certain allowance for carbs (preferably non starchy vegetables) and it relies mainly on protein. Basically any low-fat diet, that doesn't restrict carbs might be what you're looking for. Just look at some portals like ivillage for example, that lists an array of different diets and their principles. However, be prepared that you won't find a slimming diet that's both high protein and high carbs, because usually the point of high protein diets is to minimize carbs so that you get the body to burn fat as fuel and not carbohydrate (which is its preferable form of fuel). With these diets you have quick results but they take effort to stay with for a longer period of time. Now, if your goal is to gain weight, this is a different issue, you will find yourself eating a diet high in protein and carbs, just with a higher caloric value. I guess you could look at any muscle & fitness magazine for that.
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Isidore Isidore
carbs arent going to kill you. all these people try to use these crazy diets that are hard to follow and have too many rules, and thats why they dont work. just eat healthy, and workout. having a high protein diet isnt goin to magically turn you into lou ferrigno. you have to actually lift weight and work hard. if losing weight was easy, everyone could do it with no problem.
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Fenton Fenton
dont try any crazy diet fad, eating a well balanced diet of high protein medium carb and medium fat as long as everything you eat is natural and healthy is the best thing for your body
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Cyrus Cyrus
omg... you NEED some carbohydrates... at least 15-20 a day and you will STILL lose weight. Don't do that to your body!!!!! Check out Dr. Atkins website. I have lost 50 pounds since New Years Day. I have been on Atkins and have cheated a bit in between so it took me a little longer.
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Audley Audley
That they are good for health, however if you are asking which is better for diet in cases like this all vegetables would do well
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Audley Originally Answered: Low Carb High protein Diet?
The Atkins diet was originally made for morbidly obese people that needed to lose a large amount of weight in short time, or else die. For most of us, we can benefit from the Atkins Diet's main idea that we eat too many useless carbohydrates. We don't, however, need to go to the extremes that the Atkins Diet requires. A high protein intake is not necessarily a good thing. Any excess protein is converted to fat. Yes, you will probably need to eat more protein if you want to add muscle, but you shouldn't be eating more than one gram per pound of body weight per day. The recommended amount for a person of average physical activity is less than that.

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