animal friendly products?

animal friendly products? Topic: animal friendly products?
September 17, 2019 / By Brenda
Question: Does anybody know of beauty products (shampoo, skin care, cosmetics) that are not expensive and eco-friendly/ animal friendly?
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Alexandrea Alexandrea | 10 days ago
There are lots of ecofriendly lines out there! Some of my favorites are Collective Wellbeing, Zia, Avalon Organics, Alba, J/A/S/O/N, Kiss My Face, Garden Botanika, and Beauty Without Cruelty. There are still lots out there though, try your local food co-op (if there is one) or even some drug/food stores have an organic section that will carry these lines. Hope this helps!
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Alexandrea Originally Answered: Earth and animal friendly products?
Seventh Generation has some great products and they are fairly inexpensive. Most organic products will be animal-friendly as well as Earth-friendly because the two just go hand in hand. Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner is my fave cleaning product hands down, it has a very delicate mint scent and makes my bathroom smell so good (and it works fantastically)! They do make laundry and dish detergents and even diapers but I'm unsure about animal products.

Ty Ty
Sure! Check out Mineral Girlz at www.mineral-girlz.com No testing on animals and no animal derived ingredients! We offer soaps, shampoo, lotion, natural mineral makeup and more! Since this line was designed primarily with teens in mind (but great for women of all ages) it's priced right too. :)
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Rick Rick
Arbonne's products have no animal products or bi-products and they never do any animal testing. They are a little pricing but if you open your own account as a consultant you get great discounts all the time.
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Merit Merit
Both Herbal Essence (Clairol) and L'Oreal conduct animal testing!!! So don't use them. (What was that girl thinking???) PETA puts out a list of animal safe companies and products that you can refer to for animal friendly stuff. Generally, companies that advertise as being eco- and animal friendly are ('cause they're not so bold as to resort to outright lying).
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Jonny Jonny
J.A.S.O.N products are great and they contain no animals products nor they tested on animals. The products are really nice as well, I use the toothpaste, shampoo and deodorant!
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Hall Hall
the herbal essence line for hair and loreal for makeup. both promote anti animal use and abuse and there produts are natural and inexpensive. it all comes in recyclable packaging i was thinking what i have learned in school. I have to study these things for clients.PETA is not always right. members have stated they actually target big manufactures and make mistakes.
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Hall Originally Answered: What are some eco-friendly products that I can buy?(possibly cheap?)?
The most eco friendly thing you can do is not buy things. I wouldn't replace a bulb until it burned out. My logic is if I use it a lot it will burn out so I will save money by replacing it with a CFL, if it takes 5 years to burn out, I didn't use it much, so I wasn't wasting much energy. Look at the consumable items you use, those are items you have to buy every week or month. Try to replace them with reusable items or at least recycled content. For example I use cloth towels and napkins in my kitchen, but sometimes I have a need for paper towels, so when I buy them I get recycled paper, same with toilet paper and tissue. If you are still in school you can get everything you need made from recycled content. I big on conserving and reducing waste. I look for ways to conserve energy, make use of natural light, make my home energy efficient etc. I find that food waste can be cut dramatically with a little planning, I pay attention to packaging and buy very few processed foods. I plan a menu and shop with a list. I buy local and organic as much as possible and use the bulk bins for a variety of items. Many of us automatically buy clothes at certain times of year, yet we have more clothes than we need. I have a clour scheme to my wardrobe, so it all coordinates and I only replace things when they are worn out. So, for example I have 5 pairs of jeans, I will never have more. I decided that is enough to last me a almost 2 weeks without doing laundry. That is still probably more than I need. So before you shop count how many items like jeans, shirts etc. to see if you really need any more. Also look at the color of items that you have but never wear and don't buy anything without trying it on and looking at yourself in the mirror.

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