What could be causing me to be chronically constipated?

What could be causing me to be chronically constipated? Topic: What could be causing me to be chronically constipated?
July 20, 2019 / By Robby
Question: I always seem to be constipated. I can't remember the last time I had a regular bowel movement. I only poo maybe 2 or 3 times a week. What could be causing this? What should I do?
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Micaiah Micaiah | 1 day ago
~~You need to up your fiber intake as well as your liquids. The best remedy to be regular is to eat Fiber One cereal or bars every day. Believe me, you will be as regular as clockwork as well as feel much better. Just be sure you drink plenty of liquids through out the day.~~
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Micaiah Originally Answered: what is causing my hives?
I have had so many allergic reactions in my life, including lots of hives! The one thing that it doesn't sound like you've been properly tested for is food allergies...in my experience scratch tests don't always disclose all food allergies, and the way I discovered my food allergies/intolerances was by being put on what they call an "elimination diet". Effectively you eliminate most foods from your diet, for a couple weeks, then trial different foods in small amounts to see if they were the cause of the reaction....this should be done under a doc's supervision in case you have a more severe reaction than just hives (sometimes allergies can go from hive reactions to anaphylaxis on the next exposure). The diet is called the "failsafe" diet and I was put on it by the allergy clinic at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney Australia. Email me if you'd like more info about it as it sounds to me like it could be the answer. I've attached the link below, and it is the hospital allergy unit website with info books about the diet on line. You can also probably get info on it by a google search and there is also a yahoo group for it. I tested negative on every scratch test, but actually have life threatening reactions to some foods I eat. I should also add that I once had a doc tell me that when the hives are all over you, food is the likely cause. I also notice you changed laundry detergents, but I'm also wondering about your shampoos, conditioners and the soap you are using...I've had hive reactions to these as well. Re drugs to take...almost 20 years ago I was getting severe reactions to mosquito bites & I was prescribed a drug they rarely use anymore called atarax....I found it worked far better than anything else I've used since. It's a prescription antihistamine & doesn't seem to be used much anymore, at least here in Australia. I'm actually allergic to Zyrtec! Causes my blood pressure to drop! Alot of answers are mentioning stress....I'd be suspicious it's more than that as it's head to toes, as opposed to just face & arms and/or torso. Please let me know how you go....I fully sympathize, having been there myself!
Micaiah Originally Answered: what is causing my hives?
About 6 months after having my last child, I broke out with hives for the first time ever, from neck to feet, I don't know why my face wasn't included. Gosh, it was awful. No one was ever able to find out what caused them and just diagnosed me with chronic hives. They lasted for almost four years. They became less and less consistent, as to where in the beginning it was almost every day. Big ole welts on my legs that would start appearing before I even started itching them. After trying several prescriptions, the only one I found that worked excellent and didn't make me sleepy like all the others was Claritin, which is now bought over the counter. About the time my youngest turned four, she started breaking out with chronic hives also that she had troubles with for the next seven years or so. She also took Claritin. We both had allergies also, with hers being worse than mine. When I first got mine and after never having them before with no diagnose for the reason, I sometimes actually wondered if I was allergic to my own child! lol Then when she got hers, it became a family joke that we were both allergic to each and they had just remained dormant, which we have learned they can do. I don't ever get them anymore, but she does once in a blue moon. I feel for you though, they are no fun what so ever. It got to the point where I would never get next to someone because if they just barely rubbed against my skin they could set them off and welts would start appearing. I fought scratching whenever an itch came but I didn't have the hives at that moment because as soon as I scratched that one little spot, bumps and welts popping out. I've taken the first three you listed, but it was Claritin for us. We hated when they quit selling them as a prescription because they were so expensive and before our insurance would pay for it. Even after the hives were long with no outbreaks in a couple of years, we'd both continue the Claritin for runny nose and watery eyes. Cleared it right up. If you give Claritin a try, I sure hope it works for you. Happy New Year!!!

Josse Josse
Everyone has different bowel habits and going to the toilet 2 or 3 times a week does not necessarily mean you are constipated. If you have no problem emptying your bowel when you do go then there is no problem, that is normal for you. If your bowel habits have changed then it could be due to a number of things, a change in diet, stress, dehydration or a medical condition. Try drinking more and eating high fibre foods (oats, fruits, veg etc). If there is no improvement see the doctor for advice or medication.
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Hardy Hardy
do you have a dimple on the bottom of your spine? A little patch of dry or hairy skin down there? Could be spina bifida occulta. Or could be just your body. You need to see a gastro doctor.
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Hardy Originally Answered: What is causing my pain?
Carlie, It could be several things like u said Gastritis, ulcer, you could even have Acid Reflux Disease, I have it and I could not eat or drink without throwing up, this was 2007 and I was fed by a tube all year and finally they had to do surgery, please don't let yours go that far. Go to web md and research GERD or Acid Reflux Disease and see if the symptoms. Good Luck

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