I am constipated that I look pregnant, what can I do?

I am constipated that I look pregnant, what can I do? Topic: I am constipated that I look pregnant, what can I do?
September 23, 2019 / By Rafe
Question: Hurry, I'm having trouble sitting still, and I have lots of dishes and sweeping to do! Oops. It should read "I am SO constipated." Sorry for my slops. Sorry! I thought the second or third choices were OK as long as it was funnier than the first choice! Sheesh! I might as well follow the Yahoo! terms of service! Just kidding.
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Markus Markus | 1 day ago
My rfile pronounced i will take metamucil(sp?) and colace, yet ask your rfile first, each being pregnant and popular practitioner will say something distinctive. meanwhile, consume a TON of fiber, better than you ought to ever probable think of you're able to %, and drink an the two ton-like quantity of water. The water will flush it out, and the fiber will make the adventure lots much less complicated on you. whilst i exchange into in my early being pregnant and constipated such as you (oh do no longer strike a cord in me, it exchange into damaging!!) I basically lived off baked beans for a pair of day, and the next day i exchange into waiting to pass. i be attentive to this could be tmi as properly, yet do no longer rigidity too lots, you ought to get hemmeroids, or perhaps spot a sprint which'll scare the bejesus out of you. whilst it is going to return out, it's going to come out. sturdy good fortune and congrats on the being pregnant!
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Markus Originally Answered: 32 weeks pregnant and constipated what do i do?.?
Eat alot of fruits!!!! and veggies too. But try to eat prunes, apples, pears, etc.... and eat salads ands healthy foods like wheat, and eat some beans too (pinto) Do Not Eat Cheese!!!!! It will constipate you like crazy. Try some ice cream after you eat, that is a natural laxative, and try drinking some orange juice and alot of water. Some doctors say you can take laxatives and some say not to, it just depends on how you feel about it and what your motherly instincts tell you. Good Luck!

Jerold Jerold
Benefiber and sodium ducosate capsules. Those are the only things keeping me going! I buy both at Costco. I sprinkle the Benefiber in my coffee every morning and in cereal, oj, whatever I can if I get really backed up. I save the soduim ducosate capsules for then too and take them with a nice big glass of apple juice.
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Gil Gil
Drink a glass of apple juice while sitting on the can. I am sorry for your slops too, but I did LOL.
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Donald Donald
Anal probe. Yep. You'll need to find someone with the proper equipment. A pregnant fish question.. great concept... naughty execution... shame on you. lol.. sorry for your slops!
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Braidy Braidy
Take a laxative why is this in the fish section if you were a fish i would suggest shelled peas
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Braidy Originally Answered: Severly constipated and pregnant?
Try to think back to a time when you ate something, and it made you had to go really bad. A lot of times certain foods make certain people need to go. It can be something dairy related or not - just something our personal bodies don't tolerate as well as others. For me, chip dips, lol. And when I was maybe 11 or 12 years old I thought it would be so cool to eat an entire bowl of whipped cream, but that just made me sick afterward. Have you been drinking apple juice? I know you mentioned juices and gatorades, but I remember when my son was an infant, the doctor recommended diluted apple juice and water for constipation. I was thinking maybe it may be the same for adults, in bigger portions. Another big thing to keep in mind is that proteins will make you go as well. I would say a dinner or lunch of a serving of meat, with brocolli and cheese may help. If you can make it in to the doctor this morning, then you could always just keep in mind at least the protein part for the future. But the doctor should be able to prescribe something completely safe and effective for you. And also some good tips should this happen again in the future. Hope you feel better! Take care :)

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