how to gain weight in a healthy way?

how to gain weight in a healthy way? Topic: how to gain weight in a healthy way?
September 20, 2019 / By Peers
Question: I am an 18 year old girl my body mass index is 20 and I know that my weight is good but I think that I still can gain some kilograms in a healthy way of course because I look younger than my friends and I feel weak sometimes :/ any advice ? :) thank you
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Louis Louis | 2 days ago
Build up muscle, it adds weight to your mass but it doesn't make you look fat- it will also make you stronger and you will look good. :)
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Louis Originally Answered: How to gain weight and gain muscle mass in a healthy way?
I always start my morning off with 6 servings of oatmeal. I don't know what body type you have, but I am an ectomorph who can eat 24/7 and not gain weight. My metabolism is extremely fast so I do have to eat A LOT. 6 servings of oatmeal to me is like 1 serving to most. I do not use weight gainer shakes because they are expensive and they are loaded up on sugar. Oatmeal IS my weight gainer shake. I also drink fat-free milk, eat chicken breast, egg whites, lots of fruits throughout the day. The only exercises I do are deadlift, squat, and bench press. They are KING in building muscle mass especially for skinny people like me. Always seek help if you are not sure how to do them properly because you can easily get injured. Monday - Deadlift Wednesday - Bench Press Friday - Squat I do a lot of warm ups with light weights and slowly go up to my 5 rep max. After I do my 5 rep max then I am done. I used to believe I had to stay in the gym to do bicep curls for 2+ hours just like all the skinny guys in the gym. Keep your exercise program simple. If you don't want to do it like me, you should at least focus on compound exercises such as, parallel dips, shoulder press, lunges, pull-ups, etc.
Louis Originally Answered: How to gain weight and gain muscle mass in a healthy way?
Muscles construct after they have got to paintings towards plenty of resistance, so any undertaking you do might contain an growing quantity of weight. Without utilizing weights and depending to your possess frame weight you'll be able to simplest take this up to now. For instance, do not feel doing one thousand press u.s.a.is the pleasant approach to get abs, in case you wish abs you ought to be doing three units of eight-10 weighted and willing situps 3 occasions every week. Basically anything undertaking you do with out weights goes to speedily come to be useless for gaining muscle tissues.

Jaylon Jaylon
Here are some steps to gain weight: 1. Lift weights. Building muscles will help you gain weight. Work on legs a lot because legs are large muscles. 2. Eat foods high in protein. Peanut/Almond butter sandwich (no jelly), potatoes, chicken, etc. Protein helps with muscle development. 3. Drink lots of milk. Contains protein, vitamin D, etc. that will help with muscle and bone development. So basically, the best and healthiest way to gain weight is to build muscles.
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Galen Galen
Well in order to gain weight in a healthy way you will need to consume more food and use resistance exercises. However it's easier said than done. Below are some tips I suggest you follow: Write Up A Weight Gain Plan - Firstly you'll need to write up a plan detailing exactly what needs to be done to gain weight. Your plan should include how much weight you would like to gain, a deadline to reinforce the urgency to reach your goal, what foods to consume and which exercises to use. Eat Smaller Meals Frequently - In order to consume more food you'll have to eat smaller but more frequent meals throughout the day. So that means instead of 3 large meals per day, you'll consume 6 smaller meals throughout the day. Foods to consume include brown rice, whole grain bread, pasta, beef, chicken, full-cream milk, high calorie fruits and vegetables. Benefits of eating smaller meals frequently include more energy, greater chance of gaining weight and satiety. Use Resistance Exercises - Not only will you need to eat more food you'll also need to do resistance exercises to gain weight. These exercises include push ups, pull ups, chin ups, dips and squats. If you have access to the gym you should consider doing deadlifts, barbell and dumbbell squats, barbell bench press and dumbbell bench press. These exercises are one of the best for building muscle and gaining weight. Within a few months you'll not only gain a considerable amount of weight, you'll also change the way your body looks, rounder curves and more feminine looking.
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Galen Originally Answered: does anyone know how to gain weight healthy?
Well, you need to assess what you are eating... are you currently eating a healthy diet? Well, if so to gain weight healthily then you can increase your calorie consumption but it would need to be consistent, for example if you ate an extra 200 calories a day for a few months you should gain at least two pounds a month. This would be considered a healthy weight gain. about 55 percent of your diet should be from carbohydrates, 20-35 percent from fat and another 15-20% from protein. You could also try using an app to help with your calorie count and intake and see what you are actually eating and even sometimes they have a recommended calorie intake to increase weight.

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