Why do I get constipated when I have my period?

Why do I get constipated when I have my period? Topic: Why do I get constipated when I have my period?
July 18, 2019 / By Manny
Question: I would like to know why every time I get my period, I get constipated. I can't go to the bathroom for days, unless I drink prune juice to help. As soon as the period ends, the constipation ends as well. Does anyone have this problem, and so why does this happen, is there a way of preventing this? Thank you in advance.
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Jeriah Jeriah | 8 days ago
This happens to me every I get my period. What I do is watch my diet during my period and I try not to eat any cereal or bread, and any type of junk food. I also drink a lot of water and juice, but what helps me the most is eating really healthy a few days before my period starts until it ends. Hope this helps.
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Jeriah Originally Answered: can evening primrose oil help a underweight person w/ irregular period get a more regular period?
It definitely *can* help, but it depends on the reason for the irregular cycle in the first place. If you're underweight, that could be the reason in itself (although so many people have irregular periods now that it could be only one factor among many). Try to get your weight up a bit -- focus on getting enough protein and good fats (EFA's: omega oils from fish, flax seeds/oil, hemp seeds/oil, evening primrose, etc.). And then... there could be a lot of different supplements that would help, in addition to evening primrose (which, however, is probably a good start). St. Francis Herb Farm has a good herbal tincture (Vitex) with a typical mix of herbs: vitex (agnus castus), damiana, dong quai, perhaps licorice... I forget which things are in it for sure. It's advertised as a menopause remedy, but it's not just for that -- it helps balance female hormones in general. I've used it for an irregular cycle myself. However, as someone has already suggested, you should get some more personalized help, from a doctor or (preferably) naturopath who can address your own specific needs, based on the history of your problem. These irregularities can have many different causes, and the remedy would need to be different in each case. I would definitely advise you to get off the pill as soon as possible, though; of course it can be necessary in extreme cases (if you get hospitalized because of blood loss, for example, then by all means do whatever will keep you out of the hospital), but the pill isn't a cure: it only takes care of the symptom, not the cause, and artificially injects you full of synthetic or horse-derived hormones... it's the opposite of balancing your system -- it only screws it up more, and has side effects into the bargain. So do seek a natural remedy if you can; A natural path may take a bit more work than just taking the pill, but I think in the end you'll be glad you put in the extra effort.

Gid Gid
This happened to me as was I till I stopped eating junk food and started drinking water or Orange juice and eating really healthy i I do still struggle a bit but it helps a lot so pretty much that the others said... :)
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Dominick Dominick
You get constipated because of hormones. When it is time for your period start loading up on fibers and drink alot of water. It is normal and ok so don't worry.
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Bradley Bradley
it is something really normal...it is because of the changes in the levels of different hormones while u r on ur periods...some people get emotionally n mentally disturbed 4 no genuine reason...some get loose motions and suffer from diarrhoea sort of thing...some get constipation etc etc!! so that's perfectly normal...that is actually how ur body's natural system responds 2 the cycle!!!!
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Bradley Originally Answered: my period is a day late,i did have sex with a condom & i took the morning after pill y isnt my period here yet?
You're NOT pregnant!! the reasons are- 1) you're only one day late which is common 2) your stress is probably making you late 3) the morning after pill and condom make your chances of being pregnant very slim VVV SLIM 4) stress may make you miss a period all together so you don't need to worry about that 5) the morning after pill normally mucks up a cycle, and can make you late or even miss a period The fact is there is still a chance, but i highly doubt it. Stop stressing, you've done all you can and if your period doesn't come, then take a prego test just to ease your mind. Good luck :)

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