natural remidies to starting labor?

natural remidies to starting labor? Topic: natural remidies to starting labor?
October 14, 2019 / By Merle
Question: im at the end of my rope(FINALLY) lol.....and i am dilated to 1-2 cm and i want some ideas to start labor ....dont tell me ...walkin sex castor oil spicy foods and all that stupid **** that dont work (LOL) tell me some things that i can buy....like meds or somthing that isnt harmful for me or my baby.........THANKS!!
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Jonty Jonty | 4 days ago
HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAYYYYYY.......................lol ok i have the answer your looking for i am using homeopathic's to induce as well and my midwifes use it ALL the time here is what you do go to a good health food store and ask for this ......pulsitilla 30ch, caulophyllum 30ch, and cimicifuga or actaea racemosa 30ch those 2 are the same thing it is just called different names now these are ALL little pills you put under your tongue do not drink anything for 20 min before or after you take it and if your 40 weeks you put 3 of each under your tongue 3 times a day but wait till tomorrow just to be safe i will go to my midwifes office and get the print out for you and give you exact doses. you see yours are different then mine will be cause i am 37 weeks and so i don't need to take as much as you do each week i will up the dose by one pill so let me know how far along you are and tomorrow i will give you your dosage i go at 1 pm so later in the afternoon i will give you an exact. ALSO evening primrose oil inserted inside your vagina acts the same way as sperm does so it will help to soften your cervix more you can also ask your dr to do what they call a stretch and sweep where they remove and or separate the bag of water from your cervix and strip the membranes in the opening of the cervix or something like that but it will start labor. good luck UPDATE.......ok i was told to take the homeopath's 3x's a day and i could take 1 or i could take 7 it didn't matter and to alternate them ......one one day then another the next and so on ...........now the evening primrose to insert one at night and orally take 1 3x's a day i hope this helps it is a bit for me it is making my contractions come more regular i started yesterday and i have been getting contractions both days already with 3 already today and it isn't even 8am
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Jonty Originally Answered: Natural labor induction. Pineapple or acupressure?
Squats, stairs, walking, these are a few things that you could try. Of course having sex is supposed to be #1, because when a woman becomes aroused, oxytocin levels in the body rise, as well, the sperm contains similar qualities, which can induce labor. I've read that a long duration, about 3hrs. a day, of nipple stimulation can induce labor, and it will also help desensitize your nipples before you start nursing. My experience has been that rocking in a rocking chair made my waters break with my first, and with my second I had sex (it needs to be hot and heavy, like really turned on) and did some squats. If you have an exercise ball that may help get things going, and it will also help with the labor process. There is also a pressure point in the foot arch that can cause the uterus to contract. Don't worry about the induction. Many have done it, yes it fast and quite painful, but if you receive a healthy baby at the end, that is all that really matters. And, don't forget there are plenty of pain treatment options to help you get through it. I had two c-sections, and would take an induction any day over that recovery. Good luck, and God bless your precious gift.

Ham Ham
Nothing but time will work. Sorry. The baby will come when its ready. Or the doctor will induce. Nobody goes further than 42 weeks.
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Ebenezer Ebenezer
Sorry honey Castor oil all those things that you mentioned are natural child birth starters. The only medication you can recieve to bring on labor is pitocin or oxytocin and you can only produce those from your own body or if your doctor gives them to you to induce labor. Sorry Going to have to start walking...lol Good luck
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Cairo Cairo
this sounds wierd, but sometimes sex doesn't work and masturbation does, but yoiu must climax, ur body releases some hormones and contracts itself when u orgasm and may kick off labor...but i know my son was a week late, i ate mcdonalds, salad with balsamic vinegar..i did anything people told me to do to get my son out...lol.i went into labor that night. good luck
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Alex Alex
I know you are ready and I'm sure I will feel the same way when I get there but the baby is not ready. Cherish these few moments of silence because it is going to get hectic. Go get a massage, pedicure, manicure. Make yourself feel good and relaxed and it will happen. Good Luck.
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Alex Originally Answered: Why do you have huge bowel movements when starting a natural non-processed food diet?
The main reason is raw plant food is high in enzymes where processed food will be low in enzymes. Digestion the most complex chemical reactions in the world all in one place and adding enzymes accelerates digestion (catalyst is scientific term). This is part of what is referred to as "cleanse". With high water content food, enzyme rich foods it is going to digest very fast and anything else in the way will get pushed through and it will be messy bowel movements until the body adjusts.

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