What supplements are best to build muscle?

What supplements are best to build muscle? Topic: What supplements are best to build muscle?
January 28, 2020 / By Mahlon
Question: Amino Acids, protein powders, creatine? What else is there? Im trying to gain muscle mass and increase my bench press, squat, and deadlift. What has worked for you? what hasnt?
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Best Answers: What supplements are best to build muscle?

Jem Jem | 3 days ago
you have to make sure your lifting heavy training for 40-60 mins maximum you want 1 gram of protein for each pound u weigh 20x your body weight from calories you always want to use whey protein an take glutamine for immune system an recovery also creatine is cycled on an off.. don't load it you can also take a pre workout supplement called EXTEND... you take it before an during workouts.. you drink half before an half during
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Jem Originally Answered: How do I build muscle and convince my self how to do it?
i have an eating dissorder that makes my metabolism go into hyperdrive all the time, even when im sleeping i burn fat. so this means that on a good day i have at least 5% body fat in me.so in other words i know where you're comming from in being too skinny. but i took that thought and forced my self to work harder when exercising. every time that i think i cant go on i think of that and some of my ex-girlfriends (only the hot ones of course :-) ) when i first realized that i was too skinny and became shy due to my body mass i knew i had to change.i started off by buying exercise equipment like the perfect pushup© then i just did reps every night. i noticed a massive muscle increase in just 2 weeks! then i started working on my abs, doing crunches every morning. along with that i helped around the house with lifting things for extra strength building. i did this routine for about a year because i went into high school an started to pay attention to grades, but remember that i always motivated my self in any activity by thinking of the reason of why i am physically suffering and who is it for. during freshman year of highshool was when i started getting buff. i knew that i was now fairly strong and had to do something active. so i chose to do a after school activity every season. in autumn i got close to my grandpa from Norway. he taught me how to tough and stand up for myself with more than just words. so one day i went up to the football locker room and stared into the eyes of the team captain who had bullied people all his life and simply said enough. everyone laughed so i just lost it. i nailed richi in the face. and just walked away. then i got into street fighting with bigger and older people at school. this is my traditional autumn after school sport then in winter i joined the wrestling team and became a first year varsity state champion. and in the spring i joined the rugby team. to this day i follow this schedule to avoid being that wimpy 8th grade kid

Gemini Gemini
Well, I am trying to lose fat and gain lean muscle at the same time and have found success over the past few months with plain glutamine powder mixed with bananas right after a workout. I eat a diet made up of 2g protein per kilo of my ideal bodyweight. As you may be trying to gain I would go with 2g per kg of *current* body weight. I also recommend branch chain amino acids in supplement form 40 mins preworkout. I entered a second phase of my work out plan today and will begin supplementing on these soon. This is to help with the vascularity and pumps needed to power through some gruelling resistance workouts. About creatine, I think you have enough to aid in recovery there. If you were hitting 1 hour each of cardio and circuit training I would say creatine would help. But I am not sure it will give you *lasting* results. Instead I would drink ridiculous amounts of water get lots of sleep and make sure you are eating lots of lean meat and non-starchy veg. Good luck
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Diggory Diggory
Nowadays you select to try to beat your one-rep maximum record. What is the best approach to organize with this major carry? What sort of warm-up? What can you do emotionally? In case you modify your nutrition approach that time? – All those issues will soon be solved in this system https://tr.im/icNdO , The Critical Bench program. The Critical Bench is a course that actually works. The Critical Bench program can teach you whatever you need to find out and not merely how to place excess weight to your benchbut additionally how to live a you will need to help keep your diet clear and balanced in order to have a healthier life and to achieve quicker more strength.
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Blaize Blaize
i have found great results in PHD protien and creatine(best to get the tabs as they are easier to consume than powder) not too expensive either! holland and barratt is £7ish for 120 creatine tabs. most certainly worth a look in to!
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Acie Acie
for me, any protein supplement has done anything for me. i get amazing results from eating handfuls of nuts throughout the day, including walnuts, almonds, and macamadmians (however you spell it). i also just have cliff bars after my workout. although ive never tried it, ive heard great stories about creatine.
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Acie Originally Answered: Best way to burn fat and build muscle?
Hi, Building muscle has been my biggest problem for years! My skinny frame is not exactly the greatest attraction to women. This was my problem throughout high school, but thankfully I have fixed that problem. All due to this website. Here is the site: http://increasebodymass.blogspot.com Joe

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