help my baby girl is constipated?

help my baby girl is constipated? Topic: help my baby girl is constipated?
September 17, 2019 / By Kentigern
Question: my baby girl is 5 weeks old but has found it hard to poo since birth,we had her on sma gold at up until 3 days ago then we swithed her to cow and gate comfort to see if that would help,weve seen the midwife,healthvisitor and they all say its fairly common,weve tried aired water,fresh orange in water,warm bath,baby massage,raising her knees,changing her milk and lactalose that the doctor prescribed.has anyone else experienced this or got any suggestions on what to try next?
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Horatio Horatio | 3 days ago
Try giving her a bit of natural apple juice. Not very much- maybe an ounce. Apples are a natural laxative. Make sure that the juice is JUST juice- no sugar, no preservatives, nothing but juice. Any additives at all may worsen her constipation or make her sick. I agree with the person above, though. A 5-week-old baby should be having breastmilk. Breastmilk keeps a baby's digestive system in tip-top shape, being what they're *supposed* to eat.
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Horatio Originally Answered: What's wrong with my 20 month old baby girl?
we gave my son prunes when he was younger and that helped...and now that he is older (22months) we give him prune juice or pear juice. My son has been having "milk duds" for like forever and the only time he doesnt have these milk duds is when he has had the juice, or he eats steamed sweet potatoes, or he is teething (and then he has diarrhea) We gave my son chamomile tea when he was younger to help with his tummy problems (we started this at 3 weeks old--it helped with his colic also) And now we give him the chamomile tea or Gentle Natural's tummy soother--it is chamomile and ginger...it helps and works way better than the gas drops--runs about $5.97 for a bottle at Walgreens (and there is a $1 off coupon in the box) Also, before my son went on milk, he was on Gentlease Formula...and we find that whole milk keeps him stopped up, so we give him 2% milk and that keeps him from constantly having those "milk duds" you can email me if you have any questions on what i talked about....good luck!! Also, my hubby's cousin had tummy problems when she was little and it was because her butt hole was too small...there was too much coming thru and it hurt her to poop so she wouldnt...and when she really had to her mom would have to help her get her poop out, by massaging her butt hole and making it bigger---weird, but true.

Elyakum Elyakum
It's time to see a pediatrician or the emergency room. At 5 weeks old, she is way too young to be constipated for more than 1 day. Stool should be very loose, although just a small quantity. Chronic constipation in a newborn can cause serious and permanent damage or death. She could have a serious undiagnosed medical condition. Home remedies can do more harm and permanent damage than good. Be persistent with the doctor about your concern. Let them know that this goes beyond the new mother nerves, and that your baby is in pain. Make sure he or she understands exactly how many times she is going per day and the consistency of her bowel movements (loose or hard). If she isn't going at all, it's time for an emergency department trip.
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Cletus Cletus
Colace, liquid. My daughter had the same problem. She also had stomach problems and my mother told me of a recipe that was used since the dawn of time. One onion, corn syrup, distilled water. cut the onion in half, boil it for 15 min in distilled water( 4 oz of water), take out the onion and save the juice. Use the juice from the onion in a 4 oz bottle, add 1 tbsp of corn syrup and 3 1/2 oz of the onion juice and shake until syrup is all mixed in,, let it cool to room temp and give her 1/2 then 1 hr later give her the other half. She will feel a lot better. It helps with gas and constipation. Plus it softens it( the poo). Best of luck if you need any more info send me an IM at tinytinker79....mother of 3) raised 12 kids
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Ananias Ananias
it's time to work out a pediatrician or the emergency room. At 5 weeks previous, she is far too youthful to be constipated for better than a million day. Stool must be very unfastened, in spite of the certainty that purely a small volume. persistent constipation in a new child would reason extreme and everlasting harm or demise. She would have a extreme undiagnosed medical condition. residing house treatments can do greater harm and everlasting harm than stable. Be persistent with the healthcare expert approximately your problem. enable them to comprehend that this is going previous the recent mom nerves, and that your toddler is in soreness. make advantageous he or she is conscious precisely how many situations she is going according to day and the consistency of her bowel strikes (unfastened or perplexing). If she isn't likely in any respect, it's time for an emergency branch holiday.
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Toria Toria
ya its just common untill the baby is feeded by mothers milk there is nothing to worry even if it is a week. i have a sugestion for u heat the betel leaf(pan leaf) with some oil applied on it and when it is quite warm put it on the babies stomach it will work like anything.
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Toria Originally Answered: Could baby be constipated?
Hey hon! If your baby is constipated you will know it. She will be very unhappy. New babies will be very irregular until they aren't, kinda have to wait on them to develop their schedule. If you notice that she starts to strain or grunt you can work her legs (like a bicycle type motion), this will help her muscles to contract. You can also let her lay with her feet against something that she can press against. It is hard for babies to poop laying down so you can put her with her belly against your and pat her bottom and hope that gravity helps. When Madden (my 6 week old) got horribly constipated (cried for 5 hours one morning) I took him to the pediatrician and it turned out that it was his formula, he is lactose intolerant and had to switch to soy formula (I unfortunately never got any milk - lucky me - my boobs are small and pointless) While he was getting adjusted to the switch he stayed constipated and cried for another 4 hours and we went back to the doc and he gave me a few more tips. Put her in the bathtub and sometimes that will help her relax enough to go. With your finger gently massage in a circular motion her butthole (sorry). --This one really worked for me, I still use it if he is having a hard time, you can sometimes actually feel the poo up inside. Just be careful because there is NO WARNING when the muscles contract and let loose.-- The last resort he gave me was a glycerin suppository. You can get them at your local drugstore where the enemas are (Sometimes they are behind the pharmacy counter in the refridgerator so they dont melt). They are an adult suppository made of pure sugar and they are rather large. I cut the one piece into about 5 smaller pieces. Wet the little pellet and gently push it just inside the anus until you feel the muscles take it...and GET READY....it literally worked in about 10 seconds and didn't stop..LOL. Once he had that first poop the doctor told me to add about a tablespoon of prune juice to one bottle a day to help get him going at least once a day. Oh, and one thing my doctor told me was DO NOT GIVE YOUR BABY KARO SYRUP. Once the syrup is opened it is a breeding ground for bacteria. Hope this helps...I know I was soooo lost when Madden was constipated and so many people were telling me so many different things, I refused to do anything the doctor didn't tell me about. Oh, and with the iron....her poop should not be hard should be from watery to a toothpaste consistency. So if her poop is comming out in little balls or harder than toothpaste, then you know it is being caused by the iron. Iron will constipate her, but you will know because of the texture if it's the irons fault.

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