I have lost 25 pounds with a 500 ckal diet, I would like to lose 9 more but the diet have no effect anymore?

I have lost 25 pounds with a 500 ckal diet, I would like to lose 9 more but the diet have no effect anymore? Topic: I have lost 25 pounds with a 500 ckal diet, I would like to lose 9 more but the diet have no effect anymore?
December 15, 2019 / By Joshawa
Question: In the past 2 months I havent lost a single pound, even if I consumed only 500 ckal/day. My body mass index (BMI) is 19.6 now, and I would like it to be 18. Currently I am 108 pound and I am trying to reach 99. My proportials are : 35 - 24.5 - 34.25. The only idea I have is a week on purification (only water, lemon juice, grapefruit, no food). What's your suggestion? What else can I do? Did anyone tryed this kind of purification alredy?
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Best Answers: I have lost 25 pounds with a 500 ckal diet, I would like to lose 9 more but the diet have no effect anymore?

Hanoch Hanoch | 9 days ago
Yeah I've done the purification or "Cleansing" thing with citrus fruits, juices, and water several times before... it works, but you don't need to do it for a week, you only need to do it for 1-2 days max... all of the water and citric acid works as a natural laxative... You'll lose maybe 1-4 pounds from it because it cleans out your entire digestive system, but considering your only 108 lbs and your calorie intake is so low already, you probably don't have a whole lot to cleanse out, so you'll probably lose closer to 1-2 pounds... But a tip about the BMI... it goes completely off of averages and statistics... I'm a 20 yrs, male, 172lbs, and 5'8" tall, and according to the BMI I am overweight, but I have a body fat percentage of 7%, so I'm actually very fit even though I'm considered to be overweight, I just have more muscle mass than the average. So you should concentrate on your body composition rather than your "goal weight"... but if you are completely set on getting to 99lbs, try spreading your 500 Calories out more through out the day so that your body never reaches "starvation mode", make sure that none of the calories are coming from saturated fats or granulated sugars, and if that still doesn't work you can up your exercise per day... but again, I think this is un-necessary because Composition is the main thing. I hope this helps and Good Luck =)
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Hanoch Originally Answered: I have been on a diet for a month now - between 09/04 - 03/05 i lost 8 pounds! since then ive lost nothing?
Increase your exercise, swimming is excellent for weight loss and toning. Decrease, even further, your calorie intake to 1,000 calories a day. Increase your consumption of water. We all 'plateau' from time to time. Persevere and it WILL come off, I promise.

Edwyn Edwyn
because your metabolism is getting slower and slower each day making it harder to lose weight try to eat 5 HEALTHY meals a day and you will definatley lose the weight although you do NOT need to be under 100 that is just too much underweight
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Carbrey Carbrey
You will not lose any more weight most likely. Starvation (and 500 cKal/day is definitely) is not only unhealthy, but it is a very unintelligent way to try and lose weight. Everytime you eat food, your body expends calories digesting that food. The more often you eat small amounts of food, the more your metabolic rate increases. If you are only eating 500 cKal/day you are tricking your body into thinking it is in fact starving, so it will drop your metabolic rate as much as possible to try and conserve. You will burn muscle before you burn remaining fat. When ever a female gets down to a BMI around that level, you also start to have extreme hormonal changes. Your diet is not very well thought through, and it is sad to hear when girls try to do things like that. Get a little self-respect and try and eat a little more. If you eat more often, in small portions, and the food is healthy; when paired with regular exercise, you should lose some extra weight, if you really want to. It sounds like you look good as it is though, so i wouldnt worry about it if i were you. Guys like a girl with atleast a little meat on them.
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Alix Alix
I found the book to be very informative and easy to read. I've lost 17 pounds in 12 days, I'm just concerned that I'm losing too much weight, too quickly. I will admit I haven't followed the guide exactly. I'm not sticking perfectly to the listed foods and meal plans (but mostly) and doing very little exercise, but the weight keeps flying off. It clearly works and if I'd followed it exactly I think it would scare the living daylights out of me because of the amount that I'd lose. So thanks again for the information. I've never purchased anything like this before because they are usually full of trash, but 3WD has been a pleasant surprise. Get started today!
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Tanzi Tanzi
500 cals is not enough, even if you want to lose a lot of weight. You have put your body into starvation mode and your metabolism has slowed to the point where it is using as few calories as possible. Your body does not want you to lose any more weight. A BMI of 18 is underweight, 19.6 is ideal. Why don't you stay where you are and work on slowly increasing your intake (100 cals every few days) so you are eating 1600 cals a day and your metabolism starts working?
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Rina Rina
classic mistake,a diet that's to low, the weight you've lost is more than likely muscle,and water.That's why your BMI is so high.muscle lose+plus same fat=higher BMI.but if your really only eating 500 a day,most likely your body is in starvation mode,and anything you eat WILL BE STORED AS FAT!!!thus raising your BMI. I'd say do some weight training(you wont get bulky,women dont have enough testosterone to get bulky),to get some muscle(every lb of muscle burns 6 calories AT REST!!) eat at least 1500 a day, and do some cardio. Right now I eat 2500 just to maintain my weight(185 lbs 10% body fat) good luck
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Miranda Miranda
trust me on this.ur calorie count is so low,ur body has gone into "starvation mode",hanging on to every calorie because it thinks u are in a famine!this is an evolutionary thing that allowed mankind to survive actual famine.good back then,bad for dieters!to rev ur metabolism back up,u need to convince ur body the "famine" is over.by consuming MORE calories,ur body will start to burn fat again,not hang onto it.500 cal per day is not enough to support life,long-term.u need to do something reasonable,sustainable for the long term like weight watchers.at 500 per day,u are courting anorexia if not actually in it.see a dietician or join weight watchers or see a dr.u cant eat only500 cal for life,and as u see,it wont even help u lose,after awhile.
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Lily Lily
tbh ull reach ur weight and then jst put it all back on again u should keep changing ur diet try eating like 700cals for a bit and ull lose more weight coz ur bosy will stop storing fat so it willl all burn away and then when that stops working after 2 weeks ish go back onto 500 thats how i lose weight
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Lily Originally Answered: how come i havent lost anymore weight?
Which weighs more a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks? My point is you've hit the trade off stage of weight loss. Muscle weighs more than fat, so while you've been burning of fat (losing weight) you've also been gaining muscle (why you've stopped). Couple good things, muscle actually makes your body use more calories, you may actually want to up your calorie intake, you might not be getting enough for everything your doing. You're body thinks it's starving and will then hold onto whatever calories you give it. NOW here's the BIG thing. Stop weighing yourself. Yep, I said it. Bust out the tape measure-er instead. You may be surprised by how many INCHES you've lost. This is a much more effective way to measure weight loss. Even though you may gain on a scale, you should be losing inches. Also vary up what you do. Your body gets used to the same ol thing after a while. Good Luck.

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