help! how can i induce labor at home?

help! how can i induce labor at home? Topic: help! how can i induce labor at home?
September 19, 2019 / By Emmerson
Question: im 41weeks pregnant and im determined to do everything natural so i dont want the doctor to induce me, ive tried having lots of sex and ive tried castor oil. i want more ways to induce labor from home. please no more medicines or laxatives and tea and foods arent helping either. please help! ill pick urs as the best answer if i start contracting!!! plzzzzzz help!!!! I CANNOT SPECIFY THIS ENOUGH, I WANT TO INDUCE MYSELF NAURALLY BC I WANT THIS TO BE A NATURAL BIRTH/LABOR. I DO NOT WAN TMY DOCTOR TO INDUCE ME THAT IS WHY I HAVENT BEEN INDUCED YET. I WANT THIS TO BE NATURAL SO IF YOUR GOING TO SAY "TEH DOCTOR WILL DO IT" I DONT WANNA HEARIT !I! I CANNOT SPECIFY THIS ENOUGH, I WANT TO INDUCE MYSELF NAURALLY BC I WANT THIS TO BE A NATURAL BIRTH/LABOR. I DO NOT WAN TMY DOCTOR TO INDUCE ME THAT IS WHY I HAVENT BEEN INDUCED YET. I WANT THIS TO BE NATURAL SO IF YOUR GOING TO SAY "TEH DOCTOR WILL DO IT" I DONT WANNA HEARIT !I!
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Best Answers: help! how can i induce labor at home?

Clint Clint | 1 day ago
nipple stimulation and not just sex but full on orgasms! Orgasms cause your muscles to contract, and can bring on braxton hicks as i've discovered lately.. And what do those practice contractions turn into late in pregnancy? Real ones! ;)
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Clint Originally Answered: Extremly painful pregnancy and want to induce labor at home! ?
my email is cehmpke@yahoo.com if you email me i can forward you an email that has 40 ways to induce labour naturally hope it helps good luck!!! i wont be back on until tomorrow but heres some of them 1. Acupressure - There are pressure points in the shoulder well, webbing between thumb and forefinger, heel and small of back. 2. Balsamic Vinegar - Add a dash to your salad. Definitely won't hurt to try! 3. Basil - Throw some in your cooking. 4. Black/Blue Cohosh - Taken in tea form is a common way to induce labor. Some midwives use it even during labor to increase slow contractions. There have been some studies claiming that it can have bad side effects for mother and/or baby however. I'd recommend research first. 5. Borage seed oil - Meant to have similar effects to evening primrose oil - dilating and effacing. 6. Bouncing on birth/exercise ball - Spreading your legs as well as the moving up and down can help the baby move down. 7. Bumpy car ride - Sometimes the baby just needs a bit of a jiggle! 8. Castor oil - Statistically speaking it only works on 57% of women and causes lovely things like diarrhoea and sometimes, vomiting. The theory is that the cramps in the bowel set off contractions. Opinion is still out on whether castor oil causes babies to pass meconium in the womb but a) most women using castor oil are overdue and b) babies that are overdue are more likely to pass meconium so you do the maths! 9. Chinese food - Not sure why, but some people have claimed this works a treat. Or maybe they just ate Chinese food all the time anyway, so they blamed it for the onset of labor. Worth a try! 10. Clary sage oil - Use for aromatherapy as an oil or in a candle. 11. Dancing - Don't do anything too drastic - pole dancing might be a bit much! But if you get in there and swing your hips around a lot, there's a chance baby might think about coming out. 12. Eggplant - Many people swear by eggplant parmigiana. 13. Evening primrose oil - Can be taken orally from 35 weeks and used internally (good idea to do this at night and use a panty liner) from 38 weeks. It's meant to soften the cervix so that even if you do get induced, the doctor may be able to break your waters and not need any further intervention to bring on labor. 14. Galloping - Many women claim that imitating a horse can help start labor. See the video further down! 15. Glass of Wine - The slight effects of the alcohol are said to bring on labor, however remember that drinking during pregnancy is NOT recommended. You might want to check this with your doctor first. 16. Golden seal - Taken in tablet form is easiest. 17. Kneeling on all fours - A friend of a friend was told to do this. Swing the hips back and forth. Her waters broke just a few minutes later. Coincidence? Maybe! 18. Licorice - Try to get the natural kind - it contains more licorice and usually less sugar. Like castor oil, some people claim that the slightly laxative effect can cause cramps in the bowel which lead to contractions. 19. Mandarin oil on heels - Had a friend recommend this. It didn't work for her, but worth a try! 20. Massage - Find a massage therapist qualified to work with pregnant women. Many will know various points to massage to induce labor. This is why massage is not recommended during the early stages of pregnancy.

Anscom Anscom
Castor Oil was not a good idea :) Since you are well and truly full term, there are many ways to try and help your body progress, unfortunately they are no guarantee, but worth a try anyway prior to having to be induced. Sex - there's a hormone in semen that can soften/ripen your cervix. Does not induce labour but helps your body prepare for labour. Progressing/preparing is better than nothing. Walking +++++ - the baby will be placing pressure on your cervix helping it to further dilate, once again does not induce labour but progression is better than nothing. Gym ball - bouncing up and down places further pressure on your cervix. Cleaning/gardening - anything on your hands and knees in a forward/backward motion changing to squatting, standing up, bending over etc, so cleaning the floors, weeding etc. Once again places baby on cervix promoting further dilation. Squatting helps your baby's descent into the birth canal, opens up the pelvic area and stretches your muscles in the pelvic area and inner thighs whilst relaxing your lower back. Move things about, lift things etc. Lifting increases pressure in your thoracic and abdominal cavities and could stimulate the uterus. Just don't lift anything that is too heavy though. Nipple stimulation - there is a certain way to do this, here is a site with instructions: http://www.birthingnaturally.net/cn/tech... Have a try of these, but unfortunately, if your baby and your body is not yet ready they will not work. But they are worth a try anyway. Good Luck. Add: Whatever gets those contractions started, just get yourself walking about. Keep active and get those contractions regular and strong. They can stop if you rest/relax, so as soon as simple little contractions start, keep walking, get those contractions to progress passed being able to stop. Good Luck. I forgot to add, walking up and down stairs also has been known to help labour along.
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Tracey Tracey
Do jumping jacks, walking up stairs skipping a step, squats, walking, driving on a bumpy road, stimulating your nipples, hold a crying baby, take a hot bath, sleep, clean.
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Sadie Sadie
I had rough sex then took a long walk, my water broke not long after the walk. My fiance enjoyed it too since we wouldn't be having sex for a while after birth.
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Neva Neva
i think you should do alot of work at home chores, and walk around alot, and do some easy excersize stretching. Hope i helped.
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Neva Originally Answered: does the use of castor oil really help to induce labor who has done it has it worked and how much to use?
What ever you do don't use the castor oil!!!!! Unless you want to spend your next two days on the potty. If you are already having contractions then walk walk walk. Sex also helps. There is a chemical in semen that helps make you efface faster. Good luck and happy laboring!! You can also take evening primrose oil but I wouldn't waist my money if you are contracting already.

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