Just started Atkins diet, things are changing. Is this normal?

Just started Atkins diet, things are changing. Is this normal? Topic: Just started Atkins diet, things are changing. Is this normal?
July 18, 2019 / By Ellis
Question: Okay 2 things, I started Atkins on Monday, and today I noticed when I drag my fingers across my back or stomach skin drags along with it. I don't know if this is normal since I'm a pretty large dude. All I have been doing is what I'm supposed to be along with some working out, not much like 6 minutes of step ups 40 push ups/ sit ups, mountain climbers, and jogging in place for 10 minutes. I do that maybe 2 times a day. With a less intense version in the middle of the day. And today I feel bloated, like I'm fatter. Please help? By the way, please no answers telling me they don't trust the diet. I'm doing it regardless. And I asked my doctor weeks ago, they said it should be fine as long as I don't continue on with it forever because it might lead to colon trouble, so I won't continue with it. Don't worry.
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Chuckie Chuckie | 10 days ago
I lost 100 lbs on Atkins and can't say enough good things about it. But usually within a few days you start to feel 'lighter' because you're body is adjusting. I'm wondering why you feel bloated? Let me back track for a minute-- there was the original diet done by Dr.Atkins which was very strict as to carb intake. No more than 20 gr a day. Now they have the new diet which allows things I could never have. I bought the new diet book for a friend and took it back. Finally got her an old copy of the original. Are you in ketosis?? You have to be to lose weight. When you cut carbs drastically the body starts to change, burning fat for energy . This is reflected in your urine. Which you check with regent strips that specifically check for ketones only. There are other strips checking for other things but you don't need those . I am going to say that I honestly do not think you can do this diet without knowing your ketone level . if the level is 0 it means you are eating too many carbs and need to adjust.if it's 0 you are NOT losing weight !! You also get to know whats working and what's not foodwise. But what I think is best is that the motivation factor is great . When you see this strip has turned a deep red purple it means that weight is coming off as fast as it can. They sell these at Walmart where the diabetic supplies are . Blue box of 50 is 6.49 and I cut them in half to get 100. Takes a liitle patience. The box says 'reli on' ketone test strips . I have researched this diet extensively over the years and there has never been any evidence of colon trouble. Your cholesterol will plummet though. I was on the diet 3 months and it went from 229 to 120. And the good cholesterol was high and the bad was low. Also , men do much better than women on this because of their muscle mass as opposed to that of women. you are losing weight already... Your skin is showing the results . If you are puzzled as to what to have for snacks I ate pepperoni and cheese. Also the fried pork rinds . No limit on these except for the cheese. And I NEVER ate fruit. They sell Atkins shakes which are great when you are on the go. They also have bars which have a very high carb content but the shakes do too . However it's formulated so that the body only utilizes the 'net carbs' which is different from the total carb number . Some of the bars are totally delicious but I wouldn't recommend them to anyone in stage 1. Right now I'm eating the new Oreo cookie style and they are so great. But I'm in maintenance-- just keeping my weight where it is. I wish you all the best and I know you will be successful if you keep at it . If you stick to this diet the weight has no choice but to come off !! Good luck!!
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Chuckie Originally Answered: I just started my birth control pills yesterday, are my side effects normal?
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Amitai Amitai
I have not tried the Atkins diet but I have done the Curves low carb thing. I would not recomend it. It is not a healthy diet at all. Anything promoting such a low carb intake is not good for you, It is rediculous to tell some one they should not eat Bananas because they are high in carbs. Atkins or any other diet will not give you a kick start if you do not intend to follow through with some kind of exercise program and sensible eating. It sounds like you are afraid of exercise, that is ok, you can start with something very simple and then build up from there. When you grocery shop park further from the shop entrance. Carry your grocery bags inside once you are home, only one or two at a time, this means you will have to do more trips to the car = more moving = more calories burnt. Where you can use stairs nstead of lifts or walk up the travelators, also include housework as part of your daily activity. Perhaps invest in a pedometer and try to work toward the 10000 steps per day, this might mean walking up and down your hallway during the ad breaks of your fave tv show etc, do not aim to get the 10000 straight away, just wear the pedometer one day, if your total steps for the day come to 4000 then tomorrow aim for 4100, then the next day a few more and so on, until you reach your goal. As for diet just mke sure you eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, include lean meat fish and poultry and wholegrains. Set some small acheivable goals and work toward acheiving them one at a time, you will get there.
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Tillie Tillie
The skin is probably like that because your losing weight. My dad is on the diet and noticed the same thing. Just keep doing what your doing, and good luck :)
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Congratulations for taking the first step! You have a BMI of 26.25. BMI is between 25 and 29.9 (Overweight) Persons falling in this BMI range are considered overweight and would benefit from finding healthy ways to lower their weight, such as diet and exercise. Individuals who fall in this range are at increased risk for a variety of illnesses. It may be a good idea to check your Waist Circumference and compare it with the recommended limits. More measurements to determine your current situation are your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) Body Fat Percentage calculations and Waist to Hip Ratio. I myself lost 40 pounds 6 years ago and maintain it until now. I had a personalized program. It is very easy to follow, very tasty and healthy. I now help others with excellent results. Can help you too. Success

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