Can chai tea stain teeth?

Can chai tea stain teeth? Topic: Can chai tea stain teeth?
September 20, 2019 / By Bonita
Question: i get the iced chai latte from starbucks and was wondering since it's a darker colored tea if it would stain my teeth(make yellow)?
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Alannah Alannah | 4 days ago
yes, very much. all tea stains teeth. even some fruits such as berries. its wise to keep such food intakes at a minimal (do not cut back completely), and you always want to rinse your mouth afterwards.
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Trenton Trenton
Tea can stain your teeth, and worse then coffee can. I would brush your teeth as soon as possible after having tea or chewing a piece of gum that removes or prevents stains.
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Reg Reg
yes, any tea stains your teeth as the first answerer said. if you're worried about discoloration of the teeth, my mother tells me that rinsing the teeth with white vinegar twice a week helps whiten teeth :) and yes, brush your teeth after you drink your latte
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Maynerd Maynerd
Tea stains your teeth because some of them have caffeine in them that's what makes your teeth discolored. Just wash your teeth after you drink it and you will be fine =)
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