when my boobs grow am i gonna gain weight?

when my boobs grow am i gonna gain weight? Topic: when my boobs grow am i gonna gain weight?
September 23, 2019 / By Bonduca
Question: ok im flat chested and im 12 and 4'9" 80 pounds... i want to know when i get my boobs am i gonna gain weight? cuz im totally flat and i get mae fun of for it so i wanna grow lol since im short i look kinda thick even though im not so when my chest grows is it gonna make me gain alot of weight? how much? and will it just thin out my stomach cuz im thin but wide idk if that makes since so when my breasts grow am i gonna stay like i am now and gain weight or gain just a little and kinda thin out? im not fat but wide not thick. yeah this is confusing.... lol
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Alanna Alanna | 3 days ago
u'll put on weight when ur boobs grow. But ur boobs are made of muscle, just fat and tissue so u shouldn't gain that much. Also when ur boobs grow ur gonna be more in proportion so ur stomach and hips wont look too big for ur body. I am also thin but wide and i have quite big hips but since my boobs have started to grow, my hips look more in proportion with my body and i have a waist. hope this helps x
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Alanna Originally Answered: How to gain weight (and boobs) easily?
u r too young. your breasts would take time to grow. Your weight is fine!!! You are not skinny. Just wait 2 or 3 years. If you want to gain weight this is the best products with no side effects. The first one is the best ProMod® Liquid Protein (Abbot) Promote (Abbot)

Trent Trent
Hi, I wanted to tell you about my experience with the CurvyBust cream. I'm 24 years old and I've spent pretty much my whole life wishing I had slightly larger breasts. I'm normally a size A, I'd love to be a size B, especially when I wear certain kinds of low cut tops. I have a good figure, and I like what I have, but every now and then I would like a little bit more. Even if I had the money, (which I don't because I am a college student with loans to pay off), I would never consider going under the knife just to go up 1 cup size. So that's been my dilemma. I found out about curvybust cream when I was flipping through (Yahoo Answers). To be honest with you, I'm not the type of girl who would consider spending money on a cream that promises to increase breast size. It just seems like an impossible thing to claim. But there were three reasons that I decided to go for it: 1) I contacted them via their website because I had a question about the cream being OK for sensitive skin (which it is, because it is made of natural botanical ingredients.) 2) I was really impressed by their customer service and willingness to explain everything to me. 3) They offered me a free 12 day supply with no obligation, (I just had to pay the shipping costs- I wasn't too thrilled with that but it was still worth it to get the free product). Well, it's actually working! There is a noticeable difference in the size of my breasts! It's only been 10 days, and they say that the true final results won't appear until about the 4-6 month time frame, but based on what I can see, (and what my boyfriend can feel�) there's definitely a difference. My breasts are standing out more, and they are fuller and rounder. Sometimes I am able to go out without a bra, now I can't. And I have a feeling that I might have to actually buy new bras if the growth continues. I'm looking forward to seeing how the next month goes. There might actually be a size B in my future! Woohoo!
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Reese Reese
When you go through puberty, your whole body does change. As long as you maintain a fairly good diet (as much as is expected of a teenager) and stay active you should not have a weight problem. The kids who usually have weight problems are those who watch t.v. or stay on the computer during all of their spare time. You should expect to become a little curvier, but not get fat. Curves are not a bad thing but a nice gift we get as we enter womanhood. Of course, you will get hair in a couple of extra places. Don't listen to anyone who tells you weight runs in the family. On my father's side, there is not a woman under 200 lbs. I am 33 years old and in good shape. If I gave up on myself and ate everything I wanted, I would gain weight too.
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Maynard Maynard
I was flat chested and very skinny at that age too.I started to get boobs at around 12 to 14 and they still got bigger after that.While my breast got bigger in my teen years my breasts were always different sizes but now in my early 20s they are very big and the same size.Im 34DD and I been sad like you before when I was flat chested and very skinny but even when my breasts got very big I was embarrass in school.Now im not so skinny anymore but i haven't notice weight gain while my breasts got bigger but as I grew taller my weight change to fit my body,s size.
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Joel Joel
its true that boobs are 90 % fat cells, and they might grow if you were to gain weight. however so will the other parts of your body that store fat cells... such as your butt, and stomach and thighs. Your only a little skinny and still growing. dont worry about this so much. im sure your a great beatuy just as you are.
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Joel Originally Answered: How to gain weight, and how much taller can I grow?
You have at least another 6 years to grow taller so don't worry about it. I say you could get to just under 6' no problem. As far as weight goes, muscle doesn't weigh more than fat, it is simply more dense than fat which means that 1 lb. of muscle is smaller in size compared to 1 lb. of fat. Taking this into consideration, you could gain a lot of weight through muscle building without looking fat by any measure.

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