Laxatives on a one off basis?

Laxatives on a one off basis? Topic: Laxatives on a one off basis?
November 14, 2019 / By Anderson
Question: I've been losing weight quite slowly, like 2-3kg in over a week, and tonight I'm going out for a dinner that I can't get out of. I'm obviously going to choose a healthy option, have no alcohol and exercise beforehand, but I'm worried it'll make a massive difference as I normally just have fruit and veg constantly, with a bit of low fat bread, tuna or low fat meat occasionally. So what I'm asking is, what kind of laxatives would work for this situation? Uk brands please! Would I need to to take them straight away, and how many is it best to take? I'd really hate to slow down the weight loss with this one thing, and what I eat is really important as I don't have time to exercise, so it's literally just controlling what goes in. So yeah, any advice on laxatives would be great. Never used the, before. Thanks Thanks so much guys, wasn't expecting such detailed and helpful answers! I weighed myself following the meal and it hasn't made much difference that I can see :) thanks again x
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Tottie Tottie | 8 days ago
Laxatives mostly work in the large intestine, after nutrients are absorbed. Thus, the weight you lose from them is just water weight and electrolytes. This makes you dehydrated, and can cause water retention and bloating over the next few days (which can make the scale go up, even if it's not a "real" gain). In other words, they don't actually work for the purpose you want them for. 2-3 kg in a week is actually a huge weight loss, most people can lose at most 1 kg/week in a healthy way. If you're losing that quickly, one big meal isn't going to hurt you. It takes 7700 calories in surplus (over your maintenance calories, which are likely 2000+) to gain 1 kg. That means you'd need to eat 4 large pizzas in a day to gain a kilo, and your dinner is likely to be equivalent to a small portion of that. Just enjoy your meal as a cheat day (which can be good for metabolism). You might see a small gain if the food is saltier than you're used to, but it's just water retention (not fat) and should go back down within a couple of days.
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Tottie Originally Answered: Ramadan - We cleanse our bodies on a daily basis?
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Sabella Sabella
Don't take laxatives!! All you have to do is drink lots and lots and lots of water!! You can order fruit salad but ask the waiter to put less (or no) dressing - eg: less or no mayo sauce, etc. The dressing will make you put on weight. Trust me. To lose weight faster, here are some tips: 1. Cut down your carbohydrates (don't eat too much rice or potatoes) --> Be sure to eat some, though - but not too much because your brain need them to keep your body functioning. 2. Limit sugars in your diet (don't eat sugary foods - avoid candies and other sweet stuffs especially sodas. Sodas make your fats harder to burn). --> Sugar is basically the main thing which makes you fat. 3. Limit calorie intake in your diet (eat less processed foods like chips and its family. Also, use less oil when cooking because oil = calories and too much calories = you get fat). 4. Do NOT eat above 6 pm (you have a biological clock inside you. The digestive system does not work 100% when approaching night time. Therefore, your food is not fully broken down and digested if you take in food at night). 5. Exercise more (burn your fats by scheduling a part of your time for some gym time. If you want to save the Earth, I recommend walking / running / cycling as it doesn't take up any electricity :p) 6. DRINK LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER <-- Emphasis on this one. When you're hungry, make yourself full by substituting food with water. And they help you get rid of your waste products via your butt hole :p And this website looks very helpful: http://www.oxypowder.com/laxative-foods.html Hope this helps!!! :D Cheers xxx
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Nerissa Nerissa
don't take laxatives. any kind... your body already consumed the calories all it does is get rid of wastes. that's why bulimics who use laxatives don't really lose more than 5 pounds and that 5 pounds is just the food mass they consumed not actual fat from their body. i'm sure you'll be fine one binge is fine if you just don't liek the feeling of a full stomach, the take milk of magnesia and eat as little as possible during the dinner
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Lucile Lucile
it may take 2 days. you need to use a Fleet enema no remember if it quite is severe provided the scientific professional grant the ok. The reason could desire to be to get rid of what's breaking down in the cut back gut. those D. enterprise are too efficient for you. Use Metamucil and track your fiber intake with an app. purpose for 25 mg in accordance to day for long term bigger performance. meanwhile, have a lot of water, banana, potato with salt.
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Lucile Originally Answered: 13? Laxatives? ?
While laxatives can help you lose weight, they are a dangerous way to do so. Laxatives are for constipation and bowel problems. They make your bowels move faster so you poop. They can cause malnourishment and can make you violently ill if used for extended periods of time. If you really wanna lose weight you should try cutting out fatty foods, eating healthier and exercising. If you don't like the idea of excercising try going for a half hour walk 3-5 times a week with your ipod or some friends. Don't use laxatives unless for medical reasons or under medical advice.

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