Which acne cleanser works best for you?

Which acne cleanser works best for you? Topic: Which acne cleanser works best for you?
June 18, 2019 / By Addie
Question: I'm 16 yrs old. I've never had too much trouble with acne. However, recently I've developed a few bumps on my forehead and a few small pimples on my cheeks. No matter what products I use they won't seem to go away. I've used both biore and clean and clear astringents, as well as, neutrogena oil free acne wash and neutrogena power clear scrub for the past 2 months with little results. Which acne cleansers have worked best for you?
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Talbot Talbot | 4 days ago
I know what you're going through. I am 16 and I never had acne until about June of this year. The products that you have been using are very harsh. Sometimes it's better to use less potent products and use more gentle ones. They may not give you immediate results, but in time they'll help. So I'll tell you all of what I do, and maybe it will give you some ideas. 1. Cetaphil Daily Skin Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin 2. Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner 3. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer (You can use any oil-free moisturizer, this one is a bit expensive.) 4. I spot treat at night only with a dab of tea tree oil on any blemishes. (You can get tea tree oil at any health food store- but be ready for the terrible smell if you decide to try it!) So yeah, I do that day and night. Also, make sure if you wear makeup, to take it off with makeup remover or olive oil before you wash your face at night! Hope I've helped!
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Talbot Originally Answered: Whats the best cleanser for acne?
Well personally I've had the same problem. I tried practically anything I could get my hands on fast..and it never seemed to work. And as you said, Acutane worked. The reason being that it's actually prescribed by a dermatologist. You need to see one, they can do wonders! I finally went to the dermatologist last month and I've been prescribed Triaz face wipes (which work fast!), Epiduo face cream to put on trouble areas at night, and Benzoyl Peroxide cream for the morning. I didn't have really awful acne but once in a while I'd get an annoyingly larger zit. It's been working very well and I suggest you check out your dermatologist. As much as you may want to keep scrubbing your skin, you'll irritate it and get a sufficient amount more of acne. Good luck! (:
Talbot Originally Answered: Whats the best cleanser for acne?
I had crap skin for like.. 3 years? Now it's kinda sorted; 1. Drink water. LOTS of water. Only water. (It's hard if you're a coke addict like me, but it's worth it) 2. Buy a cleanser (I recommend Neutrogena deep cleanse). A scrub (I use clean and clear something scrub), an exfoliator (I like St Ives) and a moisturiser (I use Simple) Every evening, do this 1. Using warm water, use the cleanser. Make sure all your make-up comes off. 2. Put a facecloth in hot water, then press it against your face (this opens pores) 3. Use the scrub 4. Repeat step two with cold water, this closes pores. 5. Pat your face dry, and then moisturise. -Twice a week, instead of using the scrub, use the exfoliator. In mornings, just use the cleanser.

Percival Percival
It doesn't really matter which acne product you use. But personally when i was 15 which was like 2 day's ago i used to have not that many pimples but they stood out and like my mom brought home this face product called Aveeno face/body scrub and moisturizer with SPF 15 or 25 and like i started using it daily and the pimple's disappeared like within two day's for me. But i suggest if you get acne product's use it daily day and night and within day's the pimple's will vanish and even though they're gone you should keep using it your face will have a glow to it kind of it and look more better !
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Lowell Lowell
i had acne from the age of 14-16 it was horrible. but all this crap you are buying frm stores that claim they help clear spots isnt true. all they do is remove all the essential oils you need in your skin to keep it looking healthy. you should use warm water to clean your face.nothing else! and drink plenty of filtered water as it helps flush out the toxins in your body which can contribute to spots. heres some info on how to take care of your skin http://kidshealth.org/teen/your_body/take_care/skin_tips.html hope this helps x
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Lowell Originally Answered: what is the best skin cleanser(i get acne sometimes)?
i know this doesnt directly answer ur question but it was my answer to a question about how to prevent acne.... well, the most effective treatment i would say is roaccutane. i went on it when i was younger for something like 6 months and it helped loads, especially if you get it on your back. i started treatment for my acne when i was about 14 and went through 3 different types of anti-biotics (which didnt work) by my doctor before i was sent to a dermatologist at about 16 years old who then put me on roaccutane... it's one of the more intensive treatments and the reason you don't usually go on it straight away is because it is known to cause depression and doctors like to try alternative treatments first. i personally didnt get depressed at all and it in fact made me feel a LOT better when my acne started going down after the first few months (the only problem i would say is you're not meant to drink alcohol while you're on it which was tricky!). however, even though i went through a lot of medication there are still other ways to help... i've got into a routine since then of washing my face every morning after shaving, then i actually rub some savlon into my face which is surprisingly effective at stopping the really bad/deep spots, and then moisturise.. then i try my best NEVER to touch my face througout the day which is really important.. if you needa pop one or something try and do it before you wash your face etc in the morning, or if you have to during the day, i end up doing the whole routine again afterwards (part from shaving!).. then before i go to bed i wash my face and put some more savlon on again which dries my face up over night which i find helps. (btw i dunno how bad putting savlon on your face lots is for your skin but i've been fine for like 3 years and it's helped loads!) when it come to popping them, only do it if its easy, if you try and do it to a spot which is deep and fail 2 get the like puss out i find it makes it a hell of a lot worse and starts 2 scab and lasts a lot longer and gets much bigger... if you can feel you can pop it but its really deep i sometimes use like i needle to create a small opening the puss can come out of.. i know it sounds rough but that way you dont damage the surrounding skin as much lol!! thats pretty much everything i do, another thing which can help is the sun /UV rays, and i find that can help a lot, plus if you start to tan, spots are much less noticable!! o, and also, it might sound kinda gay but i use a small amount of foundation/coverup or woteva on any spots i do get which can also be very effective at covering up any small remainders... although it has 2 be dun properly, you only need tiny amounts on the red areas with th right colour to your skin so ppl dont notice (i use this maxfactor perminance stuff since like 3 years, have tried a few tho and u really needa do it properly otherwise u just get orange splotches on your face which can b very embarrassing if ppl notice!) i think thats about it, i personally don't feel food etc has much effect, i'm undecided about alcohol but i think the main thing is keeping your face clean and stuff... but with that said acne is something no1s really figured out how to cure 100%, and it varies from person to person how to get rid of it, i found all this out from personal experience and trial and error over the last like 5 years, but i pretty much have it completely controlled, at least to the point i don't get self-concious about it. if it really gets you down like it did for me i'd chat 2 ur parents about seeing a doctor, or just go and c a doctor yourself and ask them about roaccutane, it's becoming more common now, i know a couple of people who have had it.. i think there might also be some laser treatment or something aswell now so maybe ask about that 2!! hope that helps, it takes time to get rid of it tho so try and b patient!! but it can usually be done if you're determined enough!!! good luck!!!! (this is a guy btw, it's my gf's account but i thought i'd answer this 4u!!)

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