So my school does not have a bowling team. How do I start one?

So my school does not have a bowling team. How do I start one? Topic: So my school does not have a bowling team. How do I start one?
October 18, 2019 / By Kennedy
Question: I really like bowling and I am just wondering how I can start a bowling team for my school. Any suggestions?
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Best Answers: So my school does not have a bowling team. How do I start one?

Hizkijah Hizkijah | 7 days ago
at first you select some of your friends who can bowling who interested to play. after select you can practice more. you can create a good bowling team for your school.
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Australia is surely better at playing spin. The worlds second best spinner Shane Warne is from Australia. If you see the Australia vs Pakistan -3 ODI at sharaj, pakistan played with 4 specialist but still Australia won the match

Elvin Elvin
Its tough for a demoralized bowler to get away with the final delivery, if he has already conceded 5 sixes. The batsman is out for the glory, no matter which form or level of the game, he is playing. His only target is to go for a six, any where, depending on the length of the delivery. Its not every day that you have a chance to gofor the full monty, 6 out of 6. Bowler also has a chance, if he can keep his calm. There are plenty of options, a slow ball, a full length toe crushing yorker or outside the off stump delivery. IMO batsman would win the battle, as we can see previous international bowlers of repute, failingto get away, after conceding 5 sixes.
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Clayton Clayton
Sounds like a good question to ask your school's athletic director. Might increase your chances of a favorable outcome if you drum up some more support from other students and their parents beforehand.
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Amos Amos
Try to find the activities office in your school and they'll probably be able to arrange it for you. But first you have to submit a proposal for your team and the administration will have to approve it.
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Amos Originally Answered: How can I start a fitness and health diet program at school?
Perhaps you could suggest to your principal that your school could develop a lunchtime program where students could discuss fitness and health issues.This program could also be integrated into any existing P.E. program.I think issues such as promoting good health through fitness and diet can be made to appeal to all students. Guest speakers could be brought in to speak on a variety of topics.Students could have a suggestion box and put in requests for possible topics.Does your school have an after school cooking club?This could be another option for learning how to be creative with meals that are nutritious and satisfying.If you have a written proposal to submit to your principal your idea will be taken more seriously.By the way I would omit the part about people blocking the hall if you want them to read your proposal. Good luck

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