Quick diet question here?

Quick diet question here? Topic: Quick diet question here?
October 18, 2019 / By Zella
Question: I'm on a 1200 calorie diet and I workout for 1hr I ate 4000 calories for 2 days in junkfood is it going to affect me?
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Shelley Shelley | 7 days ago
Yes, but not irreparably. Get back on track and you'll be fine. (Just a note, it sounds like you binged for those two days. People usually do that when they have been restricting food intake too much. Being too strict with the diet, ya know? If you want a cookie have a bite or two and call it done. Don't be too hard on yourself or you will set yourself up for binges which are way worse than the bite of ice cream or half a cookie would have been if you had let yourself have it in the first place)
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Shelley Originally Answered: A quick question for mothers who HAVE tried Castor oil. Even know its a general ?, I will do best answer?
Castor oil was the worst thing I'd ever tried in my life. I don't remember how much I had taken, but I spent a good entire day on the toilet with horrible diarrhea. My butt was so raw from wiping I couldn't walk right for a couple of days and I was horribly dehydrated. Water would go right though me. I had mixed it in rootbeer because I tried it straight and it was so nasty. I did have some hard contractions that day but once the diarrhea stopped so did the contractions. I was 2cm dilated and like 40% effaced. I'd never do it again.

Peace Peace
Your exercising may combat any weight gain from your indulgence! I would imagine that the following week you will even out again. Sometimes a day or two of naughty food choices does you good, I believe it's how bodybuilders keep their metabolism in check - I think it's called calorie cycling or calorie shifting. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it!
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Marilene Marilene
It's going to slow you down for a few days, your weightloss will seem less for several days, and your weight may increase by several pounds, but not to worry, as that will be water retention due to all the sodium and salt and industrial crap that is in fast food, and those pounds will melt away again in a few days.
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Krissy Krissy
It could make you gain a few pounds, but that's no big deal. As long as you continue to stick to your diet and work out, you should keep losing the weight.
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Krissy Originally Answered: Quick-fix diet?
you will probably lose 7-10 pounds if you use fat free dressing. half of what you will lose will be muscle though. and if you're planning to diet for only a single week, the weight will come back... and the weight will come back as fat (which takes up more room- making you look heavier) i am not against weight loss in the least bit but try to lose 3 pounds a week (tops.) i swear the time goes by fast and no single event will care if you are 3 pounds heavier than you "could" be. i would suggest with your interests in mind: AT LEAST eat 1200 calories exercise for forty minutes a day... (running is one of the best ways to shrink fat cells and is the best cardio exercise according to doctors)

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